Deposits for MOTHER will open at 02:40 (UTC) on June 3, providing users with the opportunity to prepare for trading.

The spot trading pair MOTHER/USDT will become available once the deposit volume meets the demand of market trading.

MOTHER Token Trading Begins on HTX

MOTHER withdrawals will be enabled at 05:00 (UTC) on June 4th, giving users the flexibility to transfer their tokens to external wallets or other platforms. This listing on HTX opens up new avenues for MOTHER token holders to participate in the cryptocurrency market and potentially benefit from increased liquidity and trading opportunities.

MOTHER aims to provide users with enhanced functionalities and utility within its ecosystem. By securing a listing on HTX, MOTHER gains exposure to a broader audience of traders and investors, further expanding its reach and market presence. This listing also signifies confidence in the project’s long-term viability and potential for growth, as exchanges like HTX conduct thorough due diligence before adding new assets to their platforms.

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For traders and investors, the listing of MOTHER on HTX presents an opportunity to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on potential price movements. Stablecoin trading pairs, like USDT, provide a stable environment for trading, helping users mitigate volatility risks.

More About HTX

Crypto traders on the HTX exchange now have access to margin loan quotas for $ETH. Users can access loanable amounts at attractive rates. Traders can benefit from HTX’s low borrowing rates for leveraging positions or accessing additional funds.

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This development underscores HTX’s commitment to providing innovative financial services to its users. It empowers them to optimize their trading strategies and maximize their potential returns.


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