LunarCrush Launches LunarCrush Opinions

LunarCrush is your data cruncher beyond comparison. For anything available on social data, LunarCrush covers it. For cryptocurrencies and NFTs alike. They collect, track, and analyze incredible amounts of data in real time. Data that is generated by us, the users. After that, they filter it and make it available with a brand-new API, v3.0.

With this new API v3.0, the lives of developers have become a lot easier. This means that we, as users, can enjoy an even better experience on LunarCrush. So, let’s see what is up with this new API.

What Does the New API v3.0 Offer?

With the new API v3.0 you can access data for over 4,000 cryptocurrencies and over 300 NFT collections. Furthermore, you can find data on influencers and on exchanges, but also on opinions.

When the LunarCrush team build this new API, they had three things in mind. These three main objectives are,

  1. Offering a robust and streamlined delivery system. This is a computerized system to invest, trade, research, and model. This is on top of the available data.
  2. Developers can build and scale their apps.
  3. Integrating LUNR and other crypto payment options in a novel API credits model. This is capable of scaling to meet all sizes projects can have. From small to big. 

LunarCrush is on a mission to democratize data and market intelligence. They want to bring these data in reach of a wider audience. For example, the market for financial automation was worth $7.5 billion in 2021. However, by 2028 the expectation is the market will rise to $19.8 billion. They intend to take this info out of the hands of big companies and make it available to you and me instead.

As a result, the new API v3.0 gives access to data, so you can,

  • Find relationships between various data points.
  • Find the best decision-making process with a variety of trading signals.
  • Add additional elements to your research or data analysis.
  • Stay on top of real-time news.
  • Track a variety of communities. Change alerts and notifications for your apps or for personal use.

This new API is the result of an increased interest from retailers and institutional parties. This resulted in a faster API with better access to the full suite of LunarCrush data.


Source: LunarCrush

Improvements of the New API

The new API allows for quite a few improvements. For example, latency. This is further fine-tuned. With streamlined data transfers, there are now faster response times and calculations. The team also added over 40+ endpoints. Their data response is now richer and better organized.

They also added an extra 1,000 assets with the API v3.0. You can find them in coins, influencers, NFTs, and exchanges.

As a result, the new API really powers LunarCrush in all facets. Especially, developers can run wild with all the newly added features.

Here are some of the endpoints that are useful to us, as end users.

Galaxy Score™ — Galaxy score™ combines four metrics. It helps you understand the movements of a cryptocurrency. The four metrics are, 

  • Price score.
  • Social impact score.
  • Average sentiment.
  • Correlation rank. 

AltRank™— The AltRank™ tells you a coin’s average measured by various metrics. For instance, price change, volume, or social score.

All these endpoints are of interest to the developers. They can build them into their code, which results in readable information for us, the users. LunarCrush claims to have an attractive pricing schedule for the devs. Conveniently, it’s a pay-as-you-go schedule. The lowest price starts at $1 per day.


With their newest API v3.0. LunarCrush takes another step forward. Their metrics are faster and more accessible. Work for developers became easier and we, the end users, will have a better and faster product to use.

The LunarCrush team added no less than 40+ new endpoints. Furthermore, they listed another 1,000 new assets as well. They want to offer data tracking to a wider audience. This is a step in the right direction, to achieve this.

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