Monetize Your NFT Gaming Experience – From GeckoCon

Last week, CoinGecko held its first-ever conference, “GeckoCon — NFTs Gone Wild.” Altcoin Buzz collaborated with CoinGecko to provide live coverage of the event!

In this article, we are covering the session called “Monetize Your Gaming Experience.” This was a Day 2 session on Thursday, November 18th, at 5:45 PM (EST). It featured a discussion on NFT innovation and blockchain gaming.

The speakers at this session were:

  • Yan Ketelers, Moderator – CMO at Venly

Yan began his blockchain career in 2017 when he joined as the head of marketing and business development. He became the CMO of Venly in 2020. Venly is a blockchain technology company that develops tools and products to help businesses benefit from blockchain technology. They are specialized in NFTs. 

  • Nuno Fernandes – Co-founder and CEO at Exeedme

Nuno has knowledge of economics. He is enthusiastic about Behavioral game theory and the Metaverse. He was a former M&A and strategy advisor, and now he is an entrepreneur. Exeedme is a blockchain-based Play2Earn gaming platform that is fair and transparent. 

  • J.D. Salbego – Founder and CEO at AnRKey X

He is a well-known global leader in DeFi, blockchain, and crypto assets. He has a track record of working with industry-leading businesses, crypto funds, institutions, and governments. AnRKey X is a cutting-edge DeFi-based gaming and NFT platform protocol.

Listed below are the questions raised during the panel and the answers given.

How will “play-to-earn” games be accessible for everyone?

Yan Ketelers asked this question and, as an example, he gave Axie Infinity. He said that this game is very popular in countries with lower incomes, like the Philippines. Everyone has the same reward when playing. That reward can be big in relation to the average salary in countries with lower income levels. But that is not the case with countries with larger incomes.

J.D. Salbego answered, “The model of each game is such that you earn based on your performance. There must be no discrimination on economic status. We made a mechanism in the gaming features that both people from a higher economic status or lower economic status still compete on the same level. People from higher economic status utilize their money to buy assets, while people from lower economic status use their time to obtain more assets.”

Advice for people who want to build a game on the blockchain

J.D. Salbego said, ”The first tip for those who are not in the blockchain area is to learn. You have to read books, watch videos, go to conferences like this, go to LinkedIn and connect with people in this industry. Then if you want to launch a token, you will need good developers. One of the most specific things in our industry is tokenomics and token design.”

Nuno Fernandes stated, “It is important to find good partners. You can’t do everything yourself. If you want to start, a good thing is to first look at how things work with other games. Then you need to structure your idea. Such as how the game and tokenomics will work.”

How to choose a blockchain?

J.D. Salbego answered, ”There are several things to look for when choosing a blockchain on which to build a game. You need to see how is the community that comes with it. For NFT games, you will need speed and low fees.”

Nuno Fernandes agreed that community is very important in decision making. As an example, he stated that Polygon has a great gaming community.

Classic gaming vs blockchain gaming in the future

J.D. Salbego answered, ”It will take at least three years for major studios to start implementing the blockchain. I think that the complete shift will be in 7-10 years. We need to upgrade the whole infrastructure networks in technology, as Tesla did with cars.”

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