One area of infrastructure we don’t talk about enough is the transition of legacy Web2 companies into the Web3 environment. When you are not relying on Google, Amazon, or Microsoft for storage and web throughput, you have to go about things differently. But that difference means more control for you and your data. One of the leaders in this area is Morpheus Labs.

And Morpheus Labs has some big updates to tell you about.

Smart Contract Studio & Free Trial

Smart contracts drive most of the apps in crypto. This is no secret. You already know this. So to make the shift from Web2 to Web3 as easy as possible, Morpheus Labs has its Smart Contract Studio.

The smart contract studio allows developers to use low-code tools and AI to launch their first smart contracts. It’s easy, secure, and fast. The Studio works nicely as part of the suite of services that run as a blockchain-as-a-service so developer teams don’t have to invest heavily in creating their own chain.

And right now, you can try the Smart Contract Studio for FREE. Just click on the tweet below

Most of us have seen and used low-code tools before. WordPress is the most obvious one for websites. It runs on PHP but you don’t need to know PHP to use it. In fact, due to the library of almost 60,000 different plugins, you can get what you need to operate your site your way. And while WordPress does that for the back end and content side of websites, WebFlow is another popular low-code tool for websites. It focuses on the visual aspects like UI and UX of the website to help you get the most out of your website.

Morpheus Hub Launches

The Smart Contract Studio is just one of a few key services that Morpheus offers through its Morpheus Hub. The Hub is now completing its first full month of offering all these low-code tools for easy transitions from Web2 to Web3.

The Hub combines tools like the Smart Contract Studio AND other strategic partnerships like Coinweb for interoperability once your new chain launches.

Another important part of the Hub is the Web3 Workflow Studio. This lets your chain and/or smart contracts integrate with other crypto apps and chains. It is ALSO doing a FREE trial period so developers can check that out too.


Both the Smart Contract Studio and Web3 Workflow Studio are part of the Morpheus Hub from Morpheus Labs. For a limited time, both are free to try. They help developer teams who want to jump into Web3 or those who just want to experiment do so quickly, safely, securely, and inexpensively.

The Morpheus Labs $MIND token is currently trading at 3/10s of a cent or $0.0032, from our friends at CoinGecko. It has a market cap of just under $6 million with 1.75 billion tokens circulating out of a total supply of 2.1 billion. Kucoin, MEXC, and Uniswap are the top 3 biggest, most liquid markets for trading $MIND.


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