AnRKey X™ Matic Network Promise Real-Time Gaming Experience

AnRKey X™, the creator of a brand-new industry m$ports(money sports) announced a strategic partnership with Matic Network. According to the official blog, AnRKey X™ will switch to Matic’s Layer 2 platform. With this switch, users will experience a real-time gaming experience and seamless transactions. This is because Matic’s Layer 2 platform is highly scalable and it overcomes challenges like networking clogging and lag.

Needless to say, blockchain gaming continues to evolve at an impressive pace, and Matic Network is becoming a go-to platform for gaming DApps. While AnRKey X™ aims to merge DeFi farming and staking with eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs, the Matic partnership will improve the entire gaming experience. Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network stated that Anrkey Xis a truly innovative project. According to him, with the Matic partnership, the AnrKey Xplatform will be able to offer gamers low-cost transactions for seamless gameplay.

$ANRX Public Sale Goes Live on DAO Maker!

$ANRX, the AnRKey X™ Arcade coin is coming to DAO Maker on 7 December 2020. According to the official announcement, this will be the first refundable Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO Maker. The public sale price of $ANRX will be $0.025 with a public sale hard cap of 5 Million ANRX. As a DAO Maker’s refundable SHO, $ANRX buyers can refund any token independent of the fact whether they held or sold those tokens at a profit.

What is the $ANRX token and why buy some?

$ANRX works like an arcade coin and offers 12 medium-of-exchange utility functions. These functions can be utilized to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete in a game.

Interestingly, the more a gamer utilizes these multiple functions, the more $ANRX he can earn.

Uses of $ANRX

1) Purchase boosts
2) High-yield NFT prediction market

Earn $ANRX

1) Earn rewards for Yield Farming APY, rewards for winners, and Scared Relic NFT pack rewards
2) Earn transaction fee shares
3) Sell items like Golden Chalices NFTS and Universe side-chain collectible NFTs

With this SHO, AnRKey Xwill enter the DAO Maker ecosystem and the arcade token will qualify for DAO Maker’s “Reward Pool” votes. Thus, the community can vote to use DAO Maker’s software revenue to buy ANRX on exchanges. In addition to that $ANRX
will be added to the DAO Reward Pool.

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