Binance has purchased the DappReview analytics platform. The purpose of the agreement is to boost the spread of crypto around the world.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has advised the acquisition of DappReview, an analytics resource for decentralized applications. The relevant report appeared on the company’s Twitter handle.

“On-chain applications are still the missing piece for mass blockchain adoption. And the DappReview team has shown its commitment to dapps and strong execution in building a leading global dapps platform within a year of establishment. Binance and DappReview share a mutual goal of driving blockchain applications,” said Binance CFO Wei Zhou. “This acquisition marks a significant step into the dapps ecosystem. And we will have more exciting developments in the near future.”

What is DappReview?

DappReview is a powerful information and analytics platform for working with decentralized applications (dApps). The project is headquartered in Beijing.

Currently, the platform delivers data for 3.9 thousand dapps based on 13 open blockchains. It attracts 300.000 monthly across 130 countries. Besides, the resource also functions as a platform within which programmers can share their achievements in creating decentralized applications.

Once acquired, the platform will remain independent in technical respect. And Binance will offer support in other areas, such as marketing and business development. Thus, at the beginning of 2020, DappReview will introduce a new set of data-oriented products.

Recently, in his interview, Changpen Zhao advised Binance does not have offices in China. He emphasized that China is very centralized and is willing to regulate the crypto industry. The deal means that Binance will have its own branch in Beijing. Though, the sum of the agreement remains unknown.

So, Binance remains one of the leading players on the global blockchain stage. And the company is rapidly growing. Just a few days ago, Altcoin Buzz reported that it acquired the Indian-based exchange WazirX.



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