dash text and crypto buyer

Prominent merchant point-of-sale system, Cryptobuyer has announced a collaboration with Dash Text.

The partnership will introduce the simplicity of Dash Text to the crypto exchange.

Speaking on the partnership, Jorge Farías, CEO of Cryptobuyer pointed out that this partnership will help “people who do not have smartphones, especially because the statistics of smartphones in Venezuela is decreasing”. Cryptobuyer will combine Dash Text’s unique “Purchase Command” communicating it with the point-of-sale. This will in turn display a 5 digit code for the consumer. All the customer has to do is to send “PURCHASE” to the 5 digit code. After which, the coin will immediately be sent to the specified wallet address.

Cryptobuyer listed Dash just last year. The crypto has grown to become one of the most popular coins on the platform. More popular than the “King Crypto” itself on the platform.

User experience UX is top of the list

Cryptobuyer is all about improving user experience. With this in mind, this partnership with Dash Text will help improve usability. Especially for people with little knowledge of dealing with cryptographic keys. Most crypto wallets comes with fairly confusing tasks like QR codes, long hashes etc. Dash on the other hand, makes use of a simple interface. All users need to do is to text PURCHASE to a shortcode phone number.

On a roll

Cryptobuyer is based in Latin America. To that end, it’s worth reminding that Latin America has had serious hyperinflation issues. With this in mind, countries like Venezuela turned to cryptocurrency (El Petro) to help alleviate its ramifications. Dash has also decided to make good use of this opportunity to take over the Latin American crypto space. It also recently partnered with remittance platform RemeZaZa, enabling recipient to receive funds within minutes.

This partnership is a welcome announcement for Dash as one of its goals is to achieve global adoption. In other words, to become an everyday digital currency for everyone. To achieve this, several executives of Dash, met via a YouTube video to discuss the details.

In other news, Dash Text also recently relaunched its charity platform for children.


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