Glory Kickboxing has announced that Litecoin will now be accepted as a payment method for ticket purchases on fight-nights.

Litecoin Advances to Kickboxing

Kickboxing promotions company, Glory, has announced that it will be accepting Litecoin payments for fight-night tickets. In line with the integration of Litecoin as a payment method, the firm also announced the introduction of a special package for those choosing to pay with the crypto asset.

According to the company, upon every ticket purchase made with the cryptocurrency, there will be a VIP package deal which will enable the parties involved to enjoy the fight-nights in style. This deal is set to kick off at the next fight.

Based on the kickboxing promotion firm’s calendar, the next fight is scheduled to take place on 22nd June at Paris La Villette in Paris, France. This, in line with the company’s launch of the #PaywithLitecoin campaign, enlists those opting to join in by using Litecoin or paying with Bitcoin for a VIP ticket along with other promotional packages.

These packages include a free event t-shirt, an autographed event poster, a tour backstage as well as an opportunity to meet up with the athletes. According to the firm’s website, only ten of these package deals are available.

Litecoin has been doing very well in 2019. It’s price has more than tripled and they are making big announcements with partnerships allow for transactions using WhatsApp and to further aid its transition into the financial world, it was added as a collateral option on Nexo. It would seem that the world is responding to these achievements as its hash rate recently reached a news all-time high in May and its price skyrocketing anticipation of its halving event.


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