OneRare Food Metaverse

Food + Metaverse = Foodverse. And that’s what OneRare is.

OneRare brings metaverse to the world of food. In fact, they just raised $2 million from many blockchain investors including our own Altcoin Buzz CEO Shashwat Gupta.

The idea behind it is to bring games, cuisine, and fun to the blockchain for the food industry.

Celebrity Chefs Create NFTs

To help OneRare grow, 4 celebrity chefs are bringing their skills and reputations to create NFTs. The chefs are:

  • Arnold Poernomo, celebrity chef with restaurants in Australia and Indonesia
  • Reynold Poernomo, Arnold’s younger brother and pastry chef in Australia. Both brothers have been judges on MasterChef Indonesia and Australia, respectively.
  • Saransh Goila, known as ‘India’s Youngest SuperChef’ famous for his interpretation of the classic dish butter chicken.
  • Jaime Van Heije, famous Dutch Chef

These rare NFTs will not only have value in OneRare. The foodverse hopes that users will be able to redeem these NFTs at the chefs’ restaurants. Whether this means full meals or discounts or maybe special additions like chef’s table type things, we don’t know yet. However, there are many cool possibilities with linking the foodverse with the real world.

The chefs see many cool options for the future. “Food brings people together. Combined with metaverse and Onerare, the possibilities are endless and for sure delicious”, says Arnold Poernomo.

“The fact that you can create your favorite recipes in the metaverse and own dish NFTs is fascinating for me. I’m really looking forward to showcasing my favorite dishes on OneRare, and hoping to make the metaverse a delicious space!” says Saransh.

Where & How to Get OneRare

OneRare will have games that include play to earn and they are ready to list their own token. The 4 parts of their foodverse are:

  1. farming for crops
  2. farmer’s marketplace to sell your produce
  3. Kitchen where you can access recipes and mint your own NFTs
  4. and Playground where the battles take place to earn more

The IDO sold out but the token $ORARE will be listing soon on MEXC and Quickswap for you to get your chance to own a piece of the foodverse.

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