On Tuesday, Origin announced the addition of eight new partners who launched their e-commerce stores on the Origin platform, Dshop.

With these partnerships, Origin is set to launch more applications and storefronts on its decentralized e-commerce store creator, Dshop.

Besides, these new partnerships come right after the partnership launch of Origin and Brave. This shows that Origin is growing rapidly into offering technical support to new use cases. With Dshop, Origin will also be able to empower third-parties in the launching of specified and influential e-commerce applications.

Origin welcomes new partners

The announcement shows that there are eight new partners on Origin’s Dshop.

Kyber Network: Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Kyber Network is a P2P decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. It is also pertinent to note that Kyber also has Origin Tokens (OGN) on its trading lists.

Contentos: The Contentos decentralized global content ecosystem is in charge of digital content. With their community of content creators, they ensure that digital content is produced, authenticated, and distributed with secured copyright. Origin also brings its product offering to Contenos.

Solana: Solana creates a highly-scalable, next-generation, blockchain. This blockchain utilizes Proof of Time as its consensus mechanism. Also, Origin has been supporting the team for a long time.

Ternio: Ternio offers white-label technology to different enterprises. Importantly, the aim is to promote blockchain and ensure daily crypto adoption.

Lunchmoney: They focus in the incentivization of real feedbacks from global restaurants and eatery patrons. Their network is also built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Zerion: Zerion is a gateway which promotes decentralized finance. Besides, the network enables crypto users to borrow, invest, and earn interest in cryptocurrencies.

Veil: Veil is an open, secure, private, and decentralized equivalent for cash economy.

Black Dollar: Known for financial literacy, Black Dollar informs the public about the state of their financial future.

Why launch on Origin?

Due to the unique offerings provided by Dshop, these partners have chosen to launch on Origin. Also, these offerings include:

  • free setup,
  • immutability of data,
  • integrated crypto payments,
  • resistance to censorship, and
  • open-source code base that promotes customization and flexibility.

In the words of Jackie Lim, Senior B.D. Director, Contentos: “Thanks to Origin’s new, decentralized e-commerce platform, Dshop, we had a swift and easy experience establishing the Contentos online e-commerce store. As we further our partnership, we also look forward to introducing this similar experience to our global content creators, assisting them in creating Origin Dshops natively within the Contentos ecosystem and further monetizing their creative content.” Read more here.

Previously, Sorare, a blockchain football collectible startup in an attempt to build a leading fantasy football game in the global space incorporated K League. Thus, making its first Asian Football League.


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