In a recent announcement, Solve Care CEO Pradeep Goel announced they have partnered with UBER in an effort to simplify transportation for its clients when attending a doctors appointment.

What’s Solve Care? Solve Care aims to improve healthcare by using the blockchain. A global platform for healthcare benefit, administration, and payments. The Solve Care platform wants to redefine the way health care is accessed, delivered, managed and paid for.

CEO of Solve Care, Pradeep Goel, went live on youtube with the recent announcement about the UBER partnership. Pradeep shared a story about his father who had to wait 2 hours for his ride to his doctor’s appointment. He then had to wait 2/3 hours after his appointment for the ride back home. A 15-minute appointment and 5 hours waiting for a ride. This is the problem that Solve Care is fixing. Pradeep stated that 30% of appointments are missed because of the horrible transportation methods offered to people who are sick. However, the Care.Wallet can now facilitate the scheduling of UBER rides to and from the doctor. Anyone in the family who is in charge of taking care of their sick loved ones can issue the ride to and from the location while paying with SOLVE coins. Patients can share ride costs with their family members, employers, and insurers.

“The entire process is automated for customers…the uber partnerships is about choices. It’s about giving our clients the best metric and algorithms to our customers when it comes down to choosing the right transportation platform and cost reduction to administrations.” – CEO Pradeep Goel

According to Pradeep, this partnership was made months ago but the Solve Care team wanted to release the news when the function was completely available in the app. This partnership with UBER follows their partnership from March 4, 2019, when they announced LYFT would also be integrating into the Care.wallet for improved transportation to and from doctor appointments.

This is a great step forward in crypto and blockchain adoption and the Solve team is leading the pack.


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