Tim Cantor Joins the Digital Art NFTs Space

Thanks to blockchain technology, the digital art space is gaining precedence more and more every day. Prominent fine artist Tim Cantor has also shown interest in the digital art and NFTs space.

According to a press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, Tim Cantor has enlisted the support of top digital collectible firm Terra Virtua with plans to transform six of his oil paintings into digital art pieces (NFTs). Terra Virtua is known as the first-ever immersive digital collectible platform in the world.

About Tim Cantor

Born into a lineage of artists, Tim’s journey into art started when he was only 4 years old. At 15, the San Francisco-born artist carried out his first exhibition during which one of his paintings was obtained for the White House.

Beyond the world of art, Tim’s paintings have made a name for him in several sectors of the world. In 2015, Tim Cantor was the artist behind the Imagine Dragons album “smoke + mirrors.” Interestingly, he went with the band on their world tour. His art also made its way into the band’s music videos, stage designs, etc.

He currently boasts of a huge network of fans, all in love with his art. With many claiming to have felt profound emotions while viewing his works.

Tim Cantor’s Journey Into Crypto-Art

All his life, Tim has focused on traditional art pieces. According to him, traditionally creating art has been a personal passion for him. He has always strived to make use of the same processes, pigments, and materials used by artists as long as 500 years ago. He, however, disclosed that while he was traditional, the birth of the digital art space has continued to gnaw at him. He said, “I began to realize what an incredible and very unique platform it could be for me as a ‘traditional” artist.'”

Tim cantor digital nft

Speaking on the announcement, Gary Bracey, CEO and co-founder of immersive digital collectibles platform Terra Virtua, disclosed that it was beautiful to see Tim Cantor breaking traditions and being willing to try out new methods.

In line with his move toward the digital art space, Tim Cantor has transformed six of his oil paintings into digital pieces scheduled to go live on Terra Virtua soon. The pieces include some of his popular works like “Firefly,” “Snowflake,” “En Pointe,” and “The Unseen Theatre.”

Tim Cantor crypto art

Head of Terra Virtua Marketing, Jen Naiff, also suggested the use of some of Tim’s prose as a voice-over on his art pieces.

Tim Cantor art

For Tim, the crypto-art space has finally made it possible for him to share the entire process of creating an artwork. That is “from the first drawings to the final oil painting – and present this in one piece of art.” According to Tim, this possibility is truly “amazing!”

The Exhibition Timeline

The exhibition is scheduled to take place on March 17, 2021, at the Terra Virtua Art Gallery. Tim will, however, be livestreaming from California via Terra’s Twitch Channel. He is expected to talk about each of his pieces and why he has chosen them to be the first set of his artwork to become crypto-art. The artwork displayed during the exhibition will then be up for sale on Terra Virtua.

Tim Cantor Art

According to Bracey, this exhibition is only the first of several exhibitions to come with Tim. In his own words, “we are already planning his next exhibition on Terra Virtua.”

About Terra Virtua

Well known for its focus on entertainment, Terra Virtua combines augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) with NFTs and DeFi. Subsequently providing more engaging and fan-based communities.

Terra Virtua is the official NFT partner of Legendary Entertainment. In line with this, the platform will be launching NFTs of Godzilla and King Kong soon.

TVK Price

At the time of writing, TVK was trading at $0.686410, with a market cap of $61,869,317 and a 24-hour trading volume of $26,712,329.

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Art images courtesy of Terra Virtua.


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