Phantom Wallet Enhancements: Elevating the Bitcoin Experience

Here’s a rundown of the latest updates aimed at enhancing functionality and user convenience. 

One of these features is “Expanded Integrations”: This enables users to seamlessly trade Ordinals and BRC-20s through more integrated apps on Phantom. This wider integration streamlines the trading process, providing users with more options and flexibility. Let’s discover more features from Phantom.

  • Recursive Inscriptions Support:  Users can now view trygamma prints and other recursive inscriptions directly. This enhancement adds depth to the user experience, allowing for greater exploration and appreciation of digital assets.
  • Ledger Compatibility: Phantom now offers Ledger compatibility, enabling users to connect their Ledger devices to both the mobile app and browser extension. This integration ensures secure storage for Bitcoin, Ordinals, and BRC-20s. This is with the same account.

  • Improved Rare Sat Management: Managing rare sats has never been easier. Users can now discover and manage rare sats directly from the Collectibles tab. They can also check the total amount of sats. Plus, they can explore the unique characteristics of each UTXO, known as “satributes,” with the option to send them with just a few clicks.
  • Streamlined Address Management: The latest update introduces simple address management options, allowing users to enable Native Segwit, Taproot, or both effortlessly. This feature simplifies the process of managing addresses, catering to varying user preferences.
  • Enhanced Ordinals Metadata: Users can now access rich metadata for Ordinals, including key details such as sat number, inscription ID, and more. This comprehensive information empowers users with deeper insights into their digital assets, facilitating informed decision-making.

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  • Seamless Onramps: Phantom facilitates easy onramps, enabling users to transfer and buy Bitcoin instantly within the platform. This streamlined process eliminates friction and enhances accessibility, making it easier for users to enter the world of digital assets.


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