Polkafantasy GameFi Trustpad land sale

Japanese-themed NFT cross-chain marketplace and multiverse game, PolkaFantasy, is growing remarkably. The NFT marketplace has announced a new strategic partnership to boost its upcoming fantasy land sale.

PolkaFantasy has partnered with a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform, TrustPad, and leading launchpads, GameFi. As a result, both platforms will help PolkaFantasy in its upcoming fantasy land sale.

TrustPad aims to grow the blockchain industry without compromising security and sustainability and host the fantasy land sale. According to the announcement, gamers will purchase PolkaFantasy’s virtual realms magical lands via TrustPad.

Therefore, each purchased parcel of land is an opportunity to cultivate in-game rewards in unique ways. Invariably, this initiative will lead the development of the multiverse sector.

PolkaFantasy noted that TrustPad’s unique quality and approach was a perfect choice, expressing its excitement with the collaboration. “Quality approach is what distinctively differentiates TrustPad from the others. Its launchpad ensures every project they engage with has long-term value for both collectors and artists,” it noted.

Additionally, TrustPad partnered with PolkaFantasy in a move to expand its frontier to larger communities. Notably, this move would sustain its ecosystem and provide excellent accessibility and scalability for the $TPAD.

GameFi to co-host PolkaFantasy’s land sale

PolkaFantasy, via an official blog post, also disclosed that GameFi would co-host its fantasy land sale alongside TrustPad. GameFi is one of the top launchpads that serves as an all-encompassing hub for game finance with different phases in the process.

According to the announcement, PolkaFantasy’s upcoming land sale will also be conducted on the GameFi network. Gamers will be able to purchase virtual realms magical lands via GameFi’s marketplace.

The land sale takes place in two different stages, pre-sale and public sale. The first stage will be exclusively for PolkaFantasy’s native token ($XP) holders. Also, the general public will be able to participate in the sales once the pre-sale is closed.

Therefore, PolkaFantasy noted that while GameFi will co-host the fantasy land sale, it would also gain publicity from the collaboration. It pointed out that the partnership will increase both platforms’ visions, investors, traders, and users.

It is worth saying that GameFi Launchpad is the first launchpad that offers an Initial Game Offering (IGO) for numerous high-profile game projects.

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is a Japanese NFT cross-chain ecosystem consisting of an NFT Marketplace, NFT-mobile Wallet. Also, the platform allows gamers to compete in skill-based video games, collect, battle, and enhance their skills in the game.

PolkaFantasy aims to go beyond just an NFT marketplace or a DeFi gaming platform. It also wants to provide users with the best experience on decentralized platforms in play-to-earn gaming and trading.

PolkaFantasy ($XP) And GameFi ($GAFI) Price Update

PolkaFantasy token ($XP) offers a vast range of functions and benefits in and out of the game. Also, $XP enables gamers to level up some of their NFTs in a battle. On the other hand, $XP holders also get priority access to exclusive pre-sales and valuable discounts, among other features.

At the time of publication, $XP was also down by 3.9% in the last 24 hours. The token was trading at USD 2.14, with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 795,615.

Meanwhile, GameFi’s token, $GAFI, was also experiencing a bearish run as it fell by 5.4% in the 24 hours. The token at press time was trading at USD 78.66 with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 854,078

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