AAB Big Sale: Bridging Crypto and Global Finance

AAX, the pioneering performance cryptocurrency exchange is conducting a 4 round sale event for its native token AAB. While AAX is on a mission to connect crypto to global finance, AAB offers traders an opportunity to share the growth of the exchange. 

The first round of the sale begins on 19 August.

A total of 500 AAX exchange clients will get an opportunity to buy 1000 AAB. At the time of the press, AAB is trading at $0.389835 with a 24-hour trading volume of $10,043,622. AAB price is up 9.6% in the last 24 hours. But on the day of sale, clients would be able to buy these native tokens at a fixed price. This price will be announced one hour before the commencement of the sale. Click to register for the AAB Summer Flash Sale here.

What makes the flash sale even more exciting?  

Firstly, a total of 250 clients can get their AAB for free. AAX will conduct a random draw in each round of the sale to pick 250 lucky clients. To democratize the sale, AAX will allow each client a sale participation opportunity only once a month. 

Interestingly, AAB has a built-in deflation mechanism according to which the exchange will burn 50% of the daily supply. On Aug 8, the exchange conducted its #112 buyback-and-burn round. During the burn 30,100.517 AAB were burned. 

With the rising popularity of AAX, the demand of token will continue to grow. However, with the daily burn mechanism, the AAB supply will keep shrinking. Buyback-and-burn is great news for the token buyers as it will lift the token price by limiting the supply of tokens available for sale.

Secondly, the AAB bought during the flash sale needs to stay locked up for 15 days (including the day of the flash sale). But the clients can apply for unlocking immediately in case the trading volume touches 500,000 USDT. 

Impressive potential to grow

As world-class crypto, AAX is the only digital exchange powered by LSEG technology. The matching engine of LSEG makes AAX capable of delivering market-leading performance. Moreover, the clients can use the exchange to invest, trade, and reliably manage digital assets. Apart from this, AAX can handle institutional order volumes without compromising on performance. AAX holds a special position in the crypto market as it offers innovative financial instruments. Its special indices will enable bitcoin trading assets against tokenized commodities like gold, oil, coffee, or more. 

Furthermore, AAX brings its users the lowest trading fee in the market. For future trading, the users need to pay only 0.02% trading fees and they can enjoy 20% off if they pay using AAB. 

AAB’s demand is directly linked to the performance of AAX. This is because AAX offers native token holders some unique benefits:

  • The exchange users can settle up to 100% trading fee with AAB
  • The users can enjoy 50% trading fee discount when they pay using AAB
  • The users can enjoy discounts on tokens that are to be listed on AAX if they vote for the token using AAB. 
  • Access to higher interest rate AAX lending and borrowing products by using AAB
  • Unlock special features, tools, bots, signals and more
  • Discount on custody services with AAB
  • AAB user enjoy higher withdrawal limits
  • Access to financial instruments like tokenized commodities, security tokens, and bitcoin dimensions
AAB achievements 
  • In April, just one month after the global economic meltdown, in its first public offering, over $9 million USD worth of AAB was sold in a little over three days.
  • In July, the token burned amount was 2-3x more than the previous months, indicating the fast growth of AAX exchange. 
AAB Future milestones 
  • The token will soon be listed on one of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Apart from that 2 more exchange ranking under 100 are in the pipeline for listing. 
AAX Roadmap

For the upcoming months, AAX has a very busy roadmap planned. 

  • The exchange plans to enhance its basic functions.
  • Integrate FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol for direct market access.
  • Currently, the exchange supports 70+ cryptocurrencies and it intends to more to the list.
  • It also plans to list DeFi tokens.
  • Users will be able to send crypto to each other using their phone numbers. 

Currently, the AAX Welcome Bonus Programme is live. It allows traders to claim registration + deposit bonus up to 55 USD. Furthermore, competitions like 20 BTC prize pool trading and BCH BSV Battle and OTC 0 Merchant Fees are going on.

Right now the community is pretty excited about the August 19, AAB Flash Sale. There is an opportunity to win 1000 AAB for free!


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