Blank Wallet Is Now BlockWallet!

Blank Wallet is rebranding and will be known as BlockWallet from now on. Their logo and current branding will remain unchanged. Both the $BLANK token and the contract address will also stay unchanged.

To celebrate their new name, BlockWallet has launched a new website that covers every part of the wallet and token. An updated road map, a new tokenomics page, and a compliance tool designed to generate compliance reports on-demand can all be found on the new website.

The team from BlockWallet believes that they can achieve a bigger effect and reach a larger audience If they apply their passion for privacy to other elements of the wallet. This is the main reason for the rebranding.

They would like a wallet to provide customers with seamless security and access to the diverse tools available in the DeFi area. Their commitment to privacy, on the other hand, is unshakable and will continue to be the heart of their product. Furthermore, “Block” is a native phrase in the blockchain ecosystem, and it is incredibly essential in terms of the technology. The team believes that the basis for user interactions in Web3 should be privacy, security, and usability.

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BlockWallet Roadmap

What you may expect from BlockWallet in the following weeks and months:

  • Launching of the mainnet

  • NFT drop
    For community members, BlockWallet is planning to provide a free NFT collection. The drop’s goal is to gain traction as a community on social media and give back to those who supported BlockWallet from the beginning.
  • Staking site
    Staking has been recognized as a strong demand in the community. Holders of $BLANK tokens will be able to stake them for more rewards.
  • Community merch store
    The store will open in February, and this will be the first iteration. Members of the community will be able to participate and sell their own creations.
  • Phishing prevention feature
    This tool will assist all of the BlockWallet users in avoiding future phishing attempts. This feature’s expected launch date will be announced in the near future.
  • Built-in swaps
    BlockWallet swaps will include a variety of exciting features. Such as default front-running protection, a lucrative fee structure, and more.
About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is the most secure browser extension wallet for complete financial privacy. To protect your financial data, the wallet uses battle-tested privacy-enhancing technology. Users can deposit and mix their funds in a smart contract using cryptographic proofs, making them untraceable. When you want to withdraw money, BlockWallet generates a new wallet address that has no connections to your previous transactions on the blockchain.

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