Cartesi (CTSI) – Solving the Problem of Blockchain Scalability with Rollups

Cartesi, the uniquely positioned off-chain layer-2 decentralized Linux infrastructure is poised to revolutionize smart contracts and dApps development. The Cartesi team recently released its 2021 roadmap. Impressively, the year will be dedicated to the implementation of optimistic rollups with interactive dispute resolution on the mainnet. With that happening, the developers for the first time ever will have an entire operating system for smart contracts. They would be able to use mainstream software stacks, standard libraries, file systems, and toolchains to build smart contracts.

Primarily, Cartesi aims to solve the scalability issues so that real-world computations can meet the blockchain. Cartesi achieves this by providing a Linux infrastructure to run the smart contacts and dApps off-chain. In short, it takes all the complex calculations off-chain thereby offering speed enhancement and cost-reduction.

2020 was a remarkable year

The team released one of three primary core components, the Cartesi Machine (Virtual Machine) in 2020. Along with that, the team released the first version of its Proof-of-Staking system and native token CTSI Reserve Mining on Mainnet. Currently, over 36 Million CTSI remain staked and are currently offering a staking reward of 14%.

2021 – Building a real decentralized computer with an actual operating system

Rollups turned out to be one of the favored approaches of the Layer-2 solution. Currently, the Cartesi team is working on updating its core system to support the upcoming Optimistic Rollups with interactive dispute resolution. Furthermore, the team is aiming for an early implementation of Cartesi Rollups. According to the details shared with Altcoin Buzz, by early Q2 2021, the rollups will be implemented. Post this, the team will conduct extensive testing, audits, and enhancement before the mainnet release by the end of 2021.

The work being done right now will off-chain the heavy computational tasks to Cartesi Machines. As a result, it will directly contribute towards the resolution of smart contract scalability issues without compromising security. Interestingly, the Cartesi Machines support Linux and this will free developers from the challenges of using Solidity and EVM. Along with that, it will also offer them an opportunity to create smart contracts with mainstream software stacks.

Supporting projects

In addition to the rollups, the team will also launch supporting projects like:

  • Tools to deploy and monitor dApps.
  • Aggregator service for Cartesi Rollups
  • A validator marketplace
Release timelines


1) Descartes SDK v1.0 – The Descartes Software Development Kit will enable developers to code their smart contracts using Linux.
2) Noether’s PoS v1.1 – Noether is a high-performance sidechain. It will help with temporary data storage specifically for the Cartesi dApps. It will give developers access to low-cost storage and offer high throughput on demand.

1) Cartesi Rollups on Testnet
2) Noether’s PoS v2.0, supporting delegation
3) Noether’s on-chain infrastructure

Second Semester
1) Rollups aggregator service
2) Rollups validator marketplace
3) Descartes v2.0: Cartesi Rollups on Mainnet

More progress

Alongside the major developments, the team will work on:

1) Cartesi Machine Enhancements
2) Supporting 3 incubation projects – Creol, SimThunder, and Carti.
3) The progress of a brand new Cartesi game which will be released soon.

Partnerships | Supporting innovation

Recently, Cartesi announced its partnership with Elrond (EGLD), one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects. According to the announcement, Elrond will integrate Cartesi’s optimistic rollups. As a result of the partnership, the smart contract developers building on Elrond will have access to mainstream software stacks supported by Linux.

Moreover, the smart contracts built on Elrond will enjoy a massive shift computational throughput shift. Along with that, Elrond will promise the highest grade of security to Cartesi Rollups.

Cartesi is on a mission to make mainstream adoption of blockchain tech possible. Interestingly, the leadership believes that the Elrond partnership is the right step in this direction.

Furthermore, Cartesi is supporting Creol, one of the three winners of the Cartesi DApp integration program to help people reduce their Carbon footprint. The project received funding of up to $20,000. In addition to that, it will receive additional funding of $20,000 with the Gitcoin partnership. The three Cartesi DApp integration program winners will share the Gitcoin fund.

Creol is building Creol Environments, an IoT commercial building control system. It is a real-time carbon-neutral control system. In the core of its IoT devices, Creol is implementing Cartesi. This will help ensure, the Creol IoT system is resilient and fraud-proof.

Interestingly, Cartesi development is well-timed. That’s because the soaring DeFi demand had led to an insane increase in Ethereum gas fees. This needs an urgent resolution.

CTSI Price

In the last 14 days, the CTSI price has pumped over 209%. At the time of press, the CTSI token is trading close to $0.234.


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