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An opportunity to create, pay, and share crypto payments are now available on Gnosis Safe. This is a result of the integration of the Request App into the Gnosis Safe environment.

According to reports, this feature will allow users to create and transfer payments without any risks. These risks may include inputting wrong Ethereum addresses, amongst others. This is made possible with the native integration of Request Network into the environment of the Gnosis Safe Apps.

The Request App is among the first batch of Apps to be natively supported by Gnosis Safe. Hence, from their Gnosis Safe Multisig account, users can now create, pay, and share crypto payment requests.

How to get started

You must, however, be a Gnosis Safe user to access the Requests’ app inside of the Gnosis Safe. If you’re not a user, you can create a Gnosis Safe Multisig.

After setting up your account, you can create your crypto payment requests using the Requests app. To do that, you’ll go to the Apps tab within the platform.

Within the Apps tab, you’ll find the first batch of integrated apps. However, click on the Request app in order to create your first payment request.

Creating your first payment request

On clicking the Request app, you will be opened to different options:

Go to my dashboard: This would direct you to your Request dashboard.

Amount: Here, you will specify the exact amount you wish to request from the payer.

Currency: From the currency dropdown, you will be able to select from the available supported currencies. For now, the app only supports ETH, DAI, USDC, TUSD and PAX.

Address: This allows you to insert the Ethereum address of the payer. It is however optional, in case you know the address beforehand. This allows the pager to pay directly from their own dashboard.

Reason: This is also optional, as it enables you to contextualize your payment requests.

Create Request: As the name implies, this button helps you to create the request. It is pertinent to note that creating a request is cost-free. However, the payer will still pay the regular transaction gas fees, in line with using the Ethereum network.

With this, you have successfully created your first payment request. To get a more detailed process, read the full guide here.

Recently, Gnosis also announced the introduction of a slew of new exciting interoperable product lines on its platform.


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