Metal Pay

Metal Pay has recently announced that Dai (DAI) is now available on its fast-rising cryptocurrency marketplace.

The partnership between Metal Pay and Dai offers Metal Pay users the opportunity to access more stablecoins. With this in place, users can enjoy different means of money transaction exchanges, according to their own convenience.

Dai is, however, not like regular stablecoins. Rather, it has the semblance of traditional cryptocurrency. In their official announcement, they have given an exhaustive background of Dai, who can use it, and how it fits into the Metal Pay marketplace.

About DAI

As mentioned earlier, DAI is not like other regular stablecoins. Stablecoins are known to use real-world fiat money as price anchors in order to maintain their value as a constant.

Dai, on the other hand, is a strictly decentralized cryptocurrency. Instead of using fiat money (e.g US Dollars) or physical assets in maintaining value, Dai gets its value from other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), WBTC, BAT, and USDC.

Furthermore, Dai deals with collateral in a special way. To get its assumed value, Dai constantly makes it’s collateral easily accessible through the Ethereum blockchain. As for other stablecoins, they have to constantly publish updates to prove that they have sufficient collaterals, in giving their coin its assumed value.

What DAI offers to users

As most stablecoins, anyone who seeks to move their funds from one cryptocurrency into another can make use of Dai. By using stablecoins for this purpose, one can easily break away from cryptocurrency trading without losing money value in the process.

With Dai, individuals can leverage on their existing funds, save money, and easily spend the cryptocurrency. In addition, Dai works effectively across the DeFi ecosystem and even within blockchain-based games.

Dai is designed to meet the needs of individuals, whether they seek a stablecoin to save their money or they want something useful and versatile.

Metal Pay and DAI

With all the capabilities of Dai, the digital money company is impressed with the solutions it has to offer as a decentralized stablecoin. The challenge of building a stablecoin, coupled with keeping it decentralized, actually attracted Metal Pay to include Dai into its marketplace.

Metal Pay seeks to give its users an alternative to move their fiat money into and out of cryptocurrency. With Dai, their users can achieve this stressless and comfortably. The digital money company strongly believes that its users would love Dai.

Previously, Digital money transfer business, Metal Pay partnered with TRON to ensure easy availability of TRX tokens for their users. According to the announcement, Metal Pay fully integrated TRON’s native cryptocurrency token, Tronix (TRX) in its mobile application.


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