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Now you can pay with a debit card that has one of your NFTs on it. How cool is that? hi makes it happen, together with Mastercard.

hi is a crypto exchange that aims to be an all-in-one platform. So, let’s find out about hi and its NFT crypto and fiat debit card.

The hi NFT Crypto and Fiat Debit Card

This new debit card from hi allows you to have your personalized card. You can add an NFT avatar to the face of the card. However, you must verify that you own this NFT. Now the world of Mastercard opens for you. Wherever they accept Mastercard, you can pay now with your personalized card. Currently, that’s in over 90 million locations, spread out over the whole world. 

So, let’s have a look at the benefits this card gives you.

  • Spend fiat, stablecoins, and other cryptos. Shop at 90 million Mastercard merchants worldwide.
  • Earn 1-10% Spend Rewards.
  • Rebate on between 1-20 Digital Subscriptions.
  • Fund your card immediately via SEPA or FPS with Euros or British Pounds using a hi personal IBAN.
  • Best rates guaranteed and other perks at partner 5-star hotels all over the world.
  • NFT customization for Gold members and above.

hi offers various cash back levels. The more HI tokens you stake, the better your cash back is. You can see the different tiers in the picture below. The same goes for digital subscriptions. Out of the 100+ on offer, you can pick up to 20 subscriptions.

Europeans and UK citizens will be able to activate first, followed by other markets soon after. Each region has a waitlist, and everybody can apply.


Source: hi website

What Is hi?

hi is a crypto exchange with low to zero costs. It is available as an app only, for both Android and iOS. As a HI token holder, you receive a variety of benefits. It is like a membership token. The benefits are, for example:

  • Free subscriptions
  • Better 5-star hotel rates
  • Interest booster for APYs up to 52%

The team has backgrounds in established firms. For instance, Crypto,com, Morgan-Stanley, and Tencent.

They offer the following options on their platform:

  • Crypto and fiat banking
  • Crypto trading
  • Global currency remittance
  • Debit card
  • P2P payments
  • Merchant payments network

Furthermore, they have two new options in the pipeline.

  • Crypto derivatives trading
  • Equity and securities trading


The hi team partnered with Mastercard. As a result, you can get an NFT debit card with your fave NFT on it. You do need to provide proof of ownership, though.

Here’s the latest on the HI token. The current price is $0.04631144. That’s a 4.6% rise during the last 24 hours. The HI market cap stands at $13.99 million. There are already 303 million HI tokens in circulation, out of a max supply of 13.19 billion. You can buy HI as of September 23rd, 2022, at MEXC Global. Uniswap and PancakeSwap also offer this token.

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