Polygon Launches $100 Million Fund for Web3 Developers

Some of the biggest names in advertising use Polygon. They partner, sell NFT collections, use it for payments, and more. Big names in sports also flock to Polygon (MATIC). 

This is a remarkable feat. It also gives a clear bullish signal. A rare treat in the current bear market conditions. So, let’s have a look at these household names that snuggled up with the MATIC network.


Source: Polygon website

What Is Polygon?

Polygon is a L2 chain that we closely follow here at Altcoin Buzz. They deal with the shortcomings of the Ethereum blockchain. Its chain is fast, has low transaction costs, and it’s scalable. Their native token is MATIC. In other words, you can do everything that you also can do on Ethereum, but it’s cheaper and faster. It offers full EVM support.

For example, DeFi projects like Aave, Curve, and SushiSwap all run on this chain. OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace also runs on Polygon.

Who Is Now Using Polygon?

There are lots of big household names that use this chain. The following list is incomplete, but it highlights some of the biggest names. As Crypto Twitter participant Narb showed in his thread. He writes about Polygon. Are you ready?

Draft Kings

They are one of the worlds’ biggest sport betting companies. DraftKings also has a daily fantasy sports contest. Each month, they have around 2 million unique paying customers. They have an NFT marketplace on MATIC. Furthermore, DraftKings also became a validator on the chain. This way they help to secure the blockchain. 


Source: Twitter

Dolce & Gabbana

They launched an NFT collection on UNXD. They built on Polygon. Hold on to your seats, this collection sold for around $5.65 million. More is coming from D&G.

The City of Lugano in Switzerland

Lugano tries to become the crypto capital of Europe. Of course, with the help of Polygon. All government departments will accept crypto. Add to this also all local businesses. For instance, for taxes, tickets, salaries and more! They accept BTC, WBTC, and USDT.


Creators on Adobe Behance can showcase their NFTs. On OpenSea, built on Polygon, they can mint their NFTs. Being eco-conscious and offering low fees are reasons to chose for this chain.

Adidas & Prada

These two clothing giants worked together. They launched an NFT project on Polygon. Fans can contribute their own designs. They auctioned the collection on SuperRare end of January 2022.


Stripe is a payments’ processor. Clients can now make payments in USDC. Twitter will be the first one to pay creators with crypto this way.


Meta, former Facebook, selects this chain because it’s eco-friendly. Furthermore, they like its scalability. 


Their first NFT collection sold through the OneOf. This is an NFT marketplace built on Polygon. Although OneOf usually drops on Tezos, they preferred Polygon for this. Mainly because of their multichain options. Future eBay drops will also be on this blockchain.


The reason for Circle to pick this chain is their Polygon USDC stablecoin option. They like the fast and efficient transactions. At the same time, they still have access to the robust developer ecosystem of Ethereum. Polygon offers them more than 19,000 apps and 2.7 million monthly active wallets. You can still quickly swap Polygon USDC for native USDC. This is available across any supported chain.


The NFL launched Virtual Commemorative Tickets. Fans in selected games will receive these NFTs on a complimentary basis. You need a Ticketmaster wallet to have a chance to get this freebie.


More NFTs. This time around, launched during Thanksgiving Day. You can bid on a part of their famous Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons. This will come in the form of an NFT.

FC Liverpool

This is about the LFC Heroes Club. All your fave LFC players come in a variety of NFTs. There are three modes. They reveal their mode after you bought them. This is in cooperation with Sotheby’s metaverse.


Source: Sotheby’s


As promised, plenty of big names that are happy tumbling around on Polygon. It’s mostly about NFTs. Polygon sees a nice boost from these activities. The beauty is, that there are plenty of other projects out there. You can find them also on Polygon.

MATIC, with a market cap of $3 billion, is the #23 project in crypto. It’s flat today but it’s gotten hammered with the rest of the market and trades at 42 cents. That’s well off its all-time high in December of $2.92.

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