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CeFi has really taken a beating. Even the honest platforms that have integrity and promote transparency in how they operate have felt the brunt. The opportunity from the crisis for CeFi lenders is to show honest lenders can make money for themselves AND their customers.

Crisis = Opportunity. At least that’s how the famous Chinese saying goes. Over the past few months, because of the unwise decisions of a few crypto lending players on providing uncollateralized loans and maintaining high-risk exposure.

The smart ones are building new products based on sustainable business practices. So, the smart ones are offering industry-leading security solutions to their users. And transparency. And NEXO is one of the smart ones. And they have this amazing new trading platform Nexo Pro. Today, I’m going to teach you all about it.

What is NEXO?

Many of you have heard of Nexo and we’ve covered them before. Recently, aside from surviving this bear market, Nexo has:

So what’s the point? The crypto market is still young and fragmented. We all work from incomplete information. Arbitrage, slippage, and lack of best execution have been the norm in trading. With Nexo Pro, the status quo has been disrupted. So, now everyone, with no minimum funding requirements, can trade like a Pro. So let’s take a look at this advanced trading platform. Plus, I have 2 great Pro Tips for you later esp if you are a long-term HODLer.

What is NEXO PRO?

Many customers already trust Nexo with their money. They have 5 million users who have done over $100 billion in transactions. So how do you show your customers you are built to last? By offering new, and better services. And Nexo Pro is just that. Nexo Pro is:

  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Trading on Margin
  • Advanced orders like SL, TP, and TWAP

All by using funds in your Nexo account already. There is currently a 50% discount on all trading fees on the platform and you get cost-efficient execution with near-zero slippage.  This great price execution is possible because Nexo Pro is a liquidity aggregator. That means it collects the order books (about 3,000 of them) of 10+ other leading exchanges and provides a single platform to access them all in just one interface or via API.

This makes it different from other exchanges you may know like Binance and Coinbase and guarantees you the best possible prices and execution. The Dashboard is your hub at Nexo Pro. You have can access the deposit and withdrawal options from here. Also, you have:

  • Margin Screen.
  • Open Orders.
  • Open Positions.
  • P&L.
  • Total Activity: All there in one place to help you manage profits on your gains.

The Dashboard is your center of activity on Nexo Pro. We have that tip for HODLers coming up in just a second so stay tuned.

How Does Nexo Pro Work?

One of Nexo Pro’s best features is it’s free for everyone to use. It’s all part of your Nexo account already.  In fact, after you log in. All you have to do is click Exchange > Nexo Pro.

From there all the new opportunities we mentioned – Spot, Futures, Margin, and advanced orders – are all available to you. Just go into the “Spot market” and buy any one of the cryptocurrencies available. Then you can hold it, use it as collateral for your loan, or do whatever you want with it. Here is a video about this.

While you’re not actively trading, you can keep your assets in your Nexo Wallet and earn passive income.  Check out how easy it is. You just go to Nexo Pro and you start at the Spot Trading screen. Here are some things to consider:

  • All the trading pairs when you click on BTC/USDT and the drawdown menu comes up.
  • How you can view the entire order book on the trading pair of your choice.
  • How Trading View with its many symbols and methods of manipulating the charts to your preference is also available here.

And that’s free for everyone to use that decides to try Pro. You don’t have to be a Pro to use it but you do get Pro tools. Here is a video about this.

Pro Tip #1

If you have a project you love and intend to hold for years. For projects like BTC, ETH, or something else, then why wouldn’t you deposit some stablecoins here at Nexo and use Pro to buy more of your favorite pet project? You could then use that very long-term holding for collateral for a loan if you have:

  • A short-term cash need OR 
  • You want to be aggressive in this market and buy your BTC, use it as collateral, and take your loan to buy more BTC.

That might seem an aggressive strategy for some. This is why I don’t recommend it to most. But if you love that 1 project over all the others, you can continue to HODL and still get some liquid cash to buy more or for some other use. You do risk a margin call if your BTC drops in value but otherwise, you are HODLing it long-term anyway right? And I have another cool tip coming up.

The Futures Market on NEXO PRO

You can trade futures on Nexo Pro too. Check out this video to see how easy it is. All the futures trading pairs are perpetual. This means there is not some expiration date 1 or 3 months into the future. This makes managing your positions easier.

By the way, for futures and margin trading, there’s a quiz you have to pass that shows you understand the risks you are taking. So, here on the futures screen, you see:

  • The most popular futures contract BTCUSDT
  • All the perpetual trading pairs
  • The funding rate (Very important that they show you this)
  • The futures order book for your pair of choice

Therefore, there is A LOT of great info here already. And you noticed the setup and user experience are the same for Spot and Futures. Trading pairs in the same place, order books in the same place. All for ease of use. So, here is a video about this.

Pro Tip #2

On the other hand, you can use the futures market to hedge your current position. This is an advanced technique too. Let’s say you are long ETH for the long term. Yet you think in the short term due to The Merge or some other reason that it will decline. So, with futures, you can match your long ETH with a short futures contract of ETHUSDT and cover your position without selling.

So, if you do, you make money on the decline of ETH without selling your original position. That’s called the ‘carry trade’. It’s a great hedge when you are comfortable with your long-term HODLs but there are some short-term questions. 

Finally, give it a try today. You can start trading from your new Nexo account just by clicking on this link and registering your new account.


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