The DeFi Game Changer – Nimbus (NBU) Coming to Uniswap

Nimbus is an established fintech company with an ambitious vision to open some of the most rewarding financial services to everyone. To support the vision, Nimbus launched its new DeFi platform which is a DAO-governed ecosystem of four dApps. The ground is set for the new platform because the centralized version of the Nimbus Сrypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp has already garnered 50,000 users in the last 1 year.

This new Nimbus Platform will bring its users an opportunity to access over 10 pools in one spot and available via a single token: NBU. Moreover, the revenue streams it offers are based on time-honored and effective investment opportunities like IPO participation, Startup financing, peer-to-peer Lending, and so on.

Such a great start!

Nimbus DeFi platform and its native utility token NBU were officially launched on 27th January 2021. Within 48 hours from launch, the NBU market cap touched $35 million. This is pretty impressive because back then, the NBU token was only available on the Nimbus internal Swap machine.

However, on 24 February 2021, that is today, NBU has been listed on Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX). Furthermore, the Nimbus Platform users can benefit from the Uniswap listing in 5 different ways.

As you continue reading, we will talk about the Uniswap listing benefits, but let’s first take a look at some interesting metrics of the DeFi Platform.

Daily Transaction Peak

On 12 February 2021, the day after the team announced the benefits of being a Liquidity provider, the daily transaction volume peaked at $ 432,979. That’s because the liquidity providers can receive 100% APY. Read more about it in the “Why to be a Nimbus Liquidity Provider?” section below.

24 hour Volume


Locked Liquidity

On the same day, the locked liquidity peaked at $3,893,176.Liquidity Locked


What is happening at Nimbus now?

At present, traders can start trading on the Nimbus platform or staking tokens for rewards with any crypto amount. Basically, the users need to connect an external Metamask wallet to access all the rewards the Platform currently has in store.

By now, the platform has launched some of its basic yet very rewarding functionality:

  • Internal Swap machine:

    It supports 4 token pairs: NWETH-NBU, USDT-NBU, WBTC-NBU, and DAI-NBU. Some sophisticated traders have already come up with many strategies on how to leverage this functionality to their benefit – and so can you!

  • Liquidity Providing at 100% APY:

    The Pool and the Liquidity Provider (LP) staking functionality is live on the new platform. While this will ensure the platform has enough liquidity to operate, it also offers sound benefits to the LPs:

    Get a portion of transaction fees: The LPs of the Pool section will get a part of the total transaction fee generated by the platform.

   100% annual rate of return: The LPs of the LP Staking can receive an APY of 100%       on their inserted liquidity pair.

  • NBU staking at up to 12% APY!
    While users are waiting for more Nimbus dApps, it will release the Governance Tokens in March, they can stake their NBU tokens in one of the 3 pools to make this waiting time worthwhile.
  • Nimbus Referral program:Users can invite their friends and benefit from the 3 types of Referral rewards of up to 10%:1) 10% from friends’ token acquisition;
    2) Up to 0.15% from each of their transactions along 6 levels;
    3) 7% Reward on staked tokens.
Uniswap Listing – A road to bigger opportunities

On 27 January 2021, NBU was listed only on internal SWAP and within 48 hours the NBU market cap touched $35 million. Imagine what kind of exposure NBU has as it has just been listed on Uniswap, the world’s largest DEX!

It is going to be massive – Why?

1) Amazing arbitrage opportunities for traders:
With the Uniswap listing more DEXs and CEXs would want to list NBU – the company is already about to confirm some. As a result, traders can maximize their returns with new arbitrage opportunities based on the difference in token values across different exchanges.

2) Lesser trading fees:
Once a user acquires NBU tokens via the Nimbus internal Swap, he can stake them, use them to provide liquidity, receive rewards from Referral programs, and more. Moreover, with every new swap, the platform also generates rewards for Governance token holders, LPs, Referral program participants, and so on.

However, when a user buys NBU from Uniswap, he might not enjoy the above benefits, but he does end up paying a lower commission.

3) Higher exposure:
Undoubtedly, the NBU listing on Uniswap will place NBU in the limelight. As a result, the NBU holders and traders’ base will increase. Effectively, the Nimbus user base will grow – and so can the NBU market value! So even for those committed to holding NBU in the long-run, this listing opens great opportunities!

4) Market condition
The entire crypto market underwent a correction in the last two days. However, it has recovered fast and this a good time for users to buy tokens that promise potential growth. As eventually, Nimbus Platform will roll out newer functionalities and updates, the popularity is bound to increase.

5) Stable NBU swap rates for users:
Normally, high-scale exchanges such as Uniswap enjoy higher liquidity as compared to smaller exchanges. As a result, a big NBU trade on Uniswap will not affect the swap rate much. Effectively, NBU traders can enjoy stabler NBU swap rates while trading on Uniswap

To wrap

With the transition to DeFi, Nimbus is working on building a bridge between digital assets and real-world investment products in a decentralized manner. Undoubtedly, the dApps offered by the new Nimbus Platform and the support of their huge community will help Nimbus achieve the goal.


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