Polygon Updates | GK8 Partners With Polygon | August Week 3

Stay abreast of happenings in the Polyon space with Altcoin Buzz’s list of the top weekly Polygon updates.

For the third week in August, strategic partnerships, a new addition to the Polygon team, and a run-through of Polygon’s top gainers are some of the top Polygon updates covered. These Polygon updates will help keep enthusiasts aware of happenings in the Polygon ecosystem.

The GK8 partnership with Polygon and Polygon Studios’ partnership with Cercle X are some of this week’s top Polygon updates.

The updates in detail include:

1. GK8 Partners With Polygon

GK8, a top crypto custody platform, released details of a strategic partnership with Polygon (MATIC). According to reports, the partnership will facilitate easy access to the fast-growing Web3 ecosystem. This will be done in a cost-efficient manner while also ensuring top-notch security. Also, the partnership will make it possible for MATIC holders to directly manage their portfolios from the GK8 platform. Furthermore, providing them with the top-notch security of the GK8 solution.

Speaking on the announcement, Polygon’s VP of Growth, Arjun Kalsy, reveals that the entire Polygon ecosystem is “[…] excited to be integrated into GK8’s infrastructure.” Adding that the partnership will also provide GK8 users with the “[…] flexibility they need to manage the diversity of their portfolio.”

GK8 is a patented hack-proof technology designed to safeguard digital assets managed by platforms like exchanges, banks, and other custodians.

2. Polygon Studios | PolkaPets Partnership to Launch PolygonPets

Polygon is currently one of the main players in the Web3 ecosystem. Its recent partnership with PolkaPets further helps to corroborate this fact. The partnership with PolkaPets will facilitate the launch of the unique PolygonPets characters. PolygonPets will furthermore help drive community engagement in the Polygon ecosystem.

According to reports, PolygonPets characters are inspired by real live animals like the following:

  • Indian Leopard
  • Clouded Leopard
  • The Bengal Tiger

The characters will also be classified based on four rarity tiers and will be available to the Polygon community through gamification, direct sales, and other social interactions.

3. Marc Boiron Joins the Polygon Team

Marc Boiron is now the new Chief Legal Officer for Polygon. Boiron is a well-known crypto veteran with experience as a blockchain and securities partner at top firms like Phelps & Philips, FisherBroyles, and Manatt. Joining the Polygon team, he will help build a well-rounded legal and regulatory-compliant structure for the entire Polygon ecosystem.

Co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, also disclosed that the entire Polygon team is “[…] grateful to have found someone of Marc’s caliber to fill this incredibly niche yet important position.”

4. Polygon Partners With Cercle X

Polygon takes its interest in remaining climate-friendly to new heights as it partners with Cercle X. Cercle X is the world’s first-ever dApp with a focus on digitizing waste management. The waste management dApp will launch on Polygon and will also help usher in a ”[…] world without waste!”

5. Top Gainers on Polygon

Some of the top gainers on Polygon over a period of 24 hours as of August 17, 2022, include:

  • Barn Bridge – The DeFi risk management platform recorded a price increase of 17.2%.
  • Yearn Finance – The unique DeFi protocol had a 4.1% price increase.
  • API3 – A web 3 API economy DAO recorded a 3.8% price increase.
  • UMA Protocol – The optimistic Web3 oracle also recorded a price increase of 3.4%.
  • Golem Network – Was also one of the top gainers on Polygon with a price index increase of 1.3%.

Other top Polygon gainers include: Ankr, Cartesi, Unifi Protocol, Augur, etc.

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