Run a Full Bitcoin Node, on Your Phone!

With the introduction of ‘World’s Most Private Router’, HTC will soon support running a full Bitcoin node from home.

Christened as EXODUS 5G Hub, HTC uses Zion Vault software to support the storage of digital assets like BTC, ETH (ERC20 and ERC-721), LTC, Stellar and Binance Coin.

According to an official announcement, the Taiwanese firm unveiled Exodus 5G Hub on 4 March 2020. Apart from offering highly private and high-speed internet, Exodus 5G Hub allows users to participate in the recording and verifying blockchain transactions. As the router supports Zion, the private vault on the blockchain, one can conduct all kinds of crypto transactions. Right from viewing and managing the crypto assets to maintaining ownership of your keys.

Earlier in Q4 of 2019, HTC had introduced Exodus 1s. The affordable crypto smartphone empowered users with the private key ownership and capability to run the full bitcoin node.

This is a big power shift!

According to HTC, the Exodus 5G Hub will play a pivotal role in developing a decentralized web. With the new router, the users will be in complete control of their private data including the crypto assets and private keys. Via Zion, the router supports a social key recovery too in case the user loses the device holding his assets. As a user, you can break, encrypt and share the recovery phrase and hand them over to your trusted social circle. These partial keys will help you recover the entire key on Exodus 5G Hub.

With this router, EXODUS devices will have access to a suite of privacy apps. And these include Brave browser ProtonMail email service and Incognito VPN.

We are yet to receive any pricing details of this revolutionary router. But it is expected to be available in stores by Q2 this year.


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