Casa and Bitcoin

Casa is working on securing your Bitcoin. What’s the company willing to do?

In its new official post, Casa claims to have had an amazing year in 2019. In 2020, the company is willing to continue improving its services. Particularly, ensuring that your BTC is safe and sound.

To begin with, Casa “will be laser-focused on Keymaster.” The latter is a multisig solution. The company also plans to offer an affordable subscription. For $10/month, anyone can take advantage of securing BTC.

“We will be open-sourcing the Casa Node so that anyone can build it on their own hardware (and we won’t be building new Nodes for now),” the company notes.

Try not to be that honey-pot

The reason why the company is working on securing BTC is evident. It’s still difficult to protect your hard-traded BTC. As a result, about 4 million bitcoins have been lost forever. Every year the crypto community is outraged by yet another major crypto hack. In 2019 alone, the malign actors managed to steal over $150 million in cryptocurrency.

To protect BTC, many people resort to weird acts like burying their keys in their yard. Or just leaving their funds in their hot wallets, waiting to be attacked. Trust me you will be, especially if you’re a “honey-pot.”

“Holding your own coins, and your own private keys, unlocks the true value and vision of Bitcoin: the ability to have full control and full sovereignty over your money,” says Casa.

The advantage of the keymaster in this regard is that it forgives you for making a mistake.

“If you lose a key, you simply rotate it out for a new one using the remaining keys you still have, and your bitcoin remains safe,” the company claims.

Accordingly, you don’t need your seed phrase at all. The upcoming updates include:

  • New inheritance features, so you can pass on your bitcoin to your loved ones after you pass away
  • New hardware wallet integrations, with Coldcard coming soon
  • Continuing to strengthen our Client Services for Platinum and Diamond members
  • Making Keymaster even easier for all Bitcoiners
As cheap as Netflix

The company says that its product the Casa Node “was a massive step forward in usability for Bitcoin and Lightning nodes.”

According to it, Node 2 is being shipped and is about to reach its customers. It’s sold out. Because the company wants to focus on KeyMaster, it’ll stop selling Casa Node 2 in the near term.

At the same time, the company is planning “to fully open source the Casa Node software and its build scripts/images.” Thus, anyone can start building the Casa Node on their own hardware!

Lastly, the company is willing to make changes to its Casa Gold membership. From now on, it’ll only cost $10/month. The sum will be billed annually.

“That means 2-of-3 multisig and peace of mind that your bitcoin is safe now costs less than your Netflix subscription,” the company notes.

To remind, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, was one of the original investors of Casa.



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