TOP 2 Crypto Passive Income Strategies

You asked for more passive income videos; your wish is my command. I know they are popular, especially in this rough bear market. Who doesn’t want to take assets they know they will hold for the next 6-12 months and find a way to earn money from those coins?

So today, more crypto passive income strategies with 2 new strategies over 7 assets just for you. And one even lets you earn double-digit interest on your Bitcoin. Interested? Let’s check it out.

Passive Income Strategy 1: Blue Chip Strategy

Our blue chip strategy starts by taking one of 5 blue chips and earning interest on those. Haru’s Earn Plus program is the basis for this strategy. Haru is a wealth management platform for crypto-based in Singapore. Their main strategy is algorithmic and quant-based trading. But the Earn Plus Program is a fixed-rate savings program for more conservative clients. So, Haru’s Earn Plus program targets 5 blue chips. They are:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • And USDT
  • And just this week USDC

This means they cover 5 of the top 6 biggest coins. All except BNB. Coins you are holding anyway for the long term. Now I know what you are thinking here. Earn too little and it’s not worth it and not that different from other programs.

Earn too much and you wonder how can they pay that? Is it a scam? Haru threads the needle here and pays some nice returns. Here we have it summed up for you on this sheet. We have 4 assets and 3 different time frames of 30, 90, or 365 days.

Naturally, 30 days pay less because the lockup for your coins is for less time. Even staking platforms do that. But 30-day interest rates range from 6% for XRP to 9.5% for USDT. As the one stablecoin in this group, USDT pays out the most for all 3 periods. And based on these interest rates, Haru’s team believes that XRP is or will be the most volatile as they pay out the lowest rates overall in 3 periods.

The 90-day rates of 8.5% and 8.8% for Ethereum and Bitcoin are more than we usually see. But it is less than we’ve seen offered by some others too. Again, threading the needle. Attractive rates without being unrealistic.

More About the Blue Chip Strategy

And why is this rate realistic for Haru? Well, the target returns for the algorithmic trading systems for Ethereum and Bitcoin over that same 90 days are 21.5% and 25% respectively in the Earn Explore program. They are telling you, we think we can do better than 8.5% so we will pay you that since we expect to earn more.

Haru uses BitGo, the #1 custodian in crypto and also the most secure. BitGo provides the security for Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ethereum (wBTC & wETH). And we don’t think about those assets. They just work like they should. All the time.

Haru also has no exposure to all this FTX stuff, no loss of client funds, no halting of services or security issues. In other words, they are taking care of business the way honest, thoughtful projects should. Haru even has a referral program where you and your friends earn $50 BTC for signing up and you earn a % of your friend’s returns at no cost to them. That’s pretty cool.

The Haru Wallet program

Their Haru Wallet program doesn’t require any lockup period at all. But it does pay less. Rates are still attractive though including: 

  • 5.2% on BTC
  • 5.1% on ETH

Which are excellent rates considering you still control your funds and can move them at any time. So back to the returns. The 1-year numbers, for coins you want to hold long-term anyway, are terrific. The 1-year returns mean $10,000 at the end of the year will be:

  • BTC $11,350
  • ETH $11,300
  • XRP $11,200
  • USDT $11,400

These are great returns for coins staying in your portfolio. It’s hard to think of a better strategy for blue chips when:

  • Bitcoin isn’t income producing
  • ETH staking only pays 4-5%
  • XRP staking only pays 3.03%
  • And most USDT returns are in the 6-9% range.

This beats them all while keeping risks low. If you want to check out this program, then try this link you see on the screen or on the screen to start setting up your account today. For your convenience, I have dropped the signup link below in the description.

Risks Associated

Haru Invest is one of the projects that survived the 2020 bear market and continues to build in the current market state too. The reality is that there is no perfect license for a business model like Haru Invest. While Haru hasn’t been independently audited, they do have some compliance and controls in place. For example, their British Virgin Islands Approved Fund. Haru Invest pursues business stability based on this fund that allows legitimate cryptocurrency asset management services.

What I found impressive about Haru is they are pretty transparent as they give out bi-monthly reports on their overall platform’s performance and the adjusted yield rates. So, Haru has no interactions with other DeFi or CeFi platforms. No exposure to platforms like FTX, no lending out to platforms like 3AC, no exposure to any stETH holdings or staked ETH, and no interactions with protocols like Anchor on Terra. 

Even during the market crash in March 2020, Haru was able to provide earnings and withdrawals without failure. The same applies during the LUNA/UST crash and the current FTX collapse. So, from what I see Haru holds a strong reputation in the market and seems to have done well in bear markets.

Passive Income Strategy 2: Cosmos Strategy

Cosmos seems like it’s doing everything right recently. Its ecosystem is not just stable but growing. So our next 2 strategies come from Cosmos.

Strategy 1: Stake EVMOS

EVMOS has great potential as it links Cosmos and Ethereum. Cosmos is the most interoperable ecosystem. Ethereum’s EVM is the most interoperable smart contract platform. And amazingly, you can stake it, delegate your stake, and earn a huge 141.08% for staking this great project.

Normally, projects this big, it’s #82 by market cap, and attractive don’t offer rates like this. And projects that do are so new that they need the capital from staking. A $10,000 stake here at 141.08% would give us $24,108 in a year. Nice returns.

Strategy 2: Stake Osmosis

Osmosis is a top DEX and staking protocol for Cosmos. Its native $OSMO is something you can stake in the app or right from your Keplr Wallet. Super convenient.

And quality validators like Cosmostation and Figment will both do non-custodial staking and give you 22.16% in rewards. Another nice return. A $10,000 investment here would give us $12,216 in a year. Another great return with low risk. Our 1-year totals across all the assets are:

  • EVMOS $24,108 per year or $271 Per week 
  • OSMO $12,216
  • BTC $11,350
  • ETH $11,300
  • XRP $11,200
  • USDT $11,400

These are excellent passive income returns for holding quality assets you want or already have.

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