Utrust Gets Listed on Magento

Utrust, the leading blockchain company providing cryptocurrency payment solutions, recently announced its listing on the Magento Marketplace.

Through this strategic partnership with Magento, a premier e-commerce platform, Utrust seeks to set new standards of the global payment method.

Utrust available on Magento, thanks to Adobe

Adobe, the American multinational software company, plays a crucial role in connecting Utrust and Magento. Recently, Adobe acquired Magento, integrating the e-commerce platform in its partnership programs.

With the partnership in place, Utrust has become a beneficiary of this process. And, in the Medium blog post, it noted that it had now become “Innovate Partners” in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program.

Notably, Magento has over 250,000 merchants worldwide as it represents about 12% of the marketplace. Now with Utrust listing on the Magento marketplace, it will have an avenue to offer cryptocurrency payments to these merchants.

It is pertinent to note here that Magento is the marketplace of choice for top industry giants like Nelly Hansen, Nespresso, and Ford. And now, with Utrust into the mix, merchants will be able to access and accept crypto transactions securely. So, any user of the Magento Marketplace is now able to tap into Utrust’s expertise. Essentially, they get access to globally accepted, safe, and hassle-free solutions for instant payments, buyer protection, and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements.

Users can get detailed specifications along with the account, features, pricing, and security details of the Utrust payment module on Magento Marketplace here.

Enabling digital currencies

The blockchain company aims to promote payments using digital currencies. And it is their goal to make digital currency payments a mainstream choice for everyone. According to the blog post, this partnership with Magento will help them achieve this goal with ease.

Incidentally, the Magento platform has plans in place to utilize its 12% share of the marketplace by converting it into cryptocurrency users. And it aims to achieve this through the partnership with Utrust.

Furthermore, the success of this partnership will also ensure that digital currencies provide complex payment solutions for high-ranking industry giants. Undoubtedly, using digital currencies for payment has its own advantages like a drastic drop in transaction fees by 80%. And Utrust promotes the digital currency payment method showcasing the advantages of using them for the partner merchants.

Another major advantage is that digital currencies are non-volatile. This is because of the locking of the sale amount at purchase, enabling merchants to get the retail price.

Recently, Utrust announced its selection into the Alchemist Accelerator program.


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