Revolut Teams Up with Sei: Unveiling Crypto Learn
This collaboration aims to provide users with an in-depth exploration of Sei’s groundbreaking parallelized EVM technology.

It highlights its impressive enhancements in speed, security, and developer tools to meet industry demands. Let’s explore more about Sei.

Enhanced Speed, Security, and Tools for Industry Needs

The crypto learn campaign is a major stride in educating users about crypto advancements. As digital assets and blockchain grow, grasping their mechanisms is vital for all investors. Through this initiative, Revolut empowers its users with valuable insights into Sei’s pioneering advancements. It enables them to make more informed decisions in their crypto investments.

At the heart of this collaboration lies Sei’s parallelized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This technology significantly boosts the performance and security of Ethereum dApps. By leveraging parallel processing capabilities, Sei’s EVM achieves unprecedented levels of scalability and throughput. It effectively addresses the scalability challenges that have plagued traditional blockchain platforms.

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More About Sei’s Course

With Revolut’s crypto-learn feature, accessible by tapping “Crypto” in the bottom menu, users can navigate to “Discover” and scroll to “Learn.” Here, users can choose from a variety of courses. This includes Sei, BONK, Sui, Oasis, iExec, Axelar, NEAR, Algorand, Avalanche, 1inch, Crypto Basics, or Polkadot.

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Each lesson is designed to simplify crypto concepts and cut through jargon, making it easier for total newbies to grasp. Upon completing a course, users can test their knowledge with a quiz. However, it’s worth noting that rewards are not available to UK customers.


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