Sei V2 needs governance approval, a pivotal step for blockchain evolution.

This launch unfolds in three phases, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks.
Sei V2: Phased Rollout for Maximized Efficiency
By adopting this phased approach, Sei contributors aim to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, the phased rollout strategy is designed to minimize risk. Gradually introducing Sei V2 allows for thorough testing and stable network monitoring.

This approach ensures that all aspects of the network are adequately prepared. It involves third-party infrastructure like bridges and RPC nodes to support Sei users at scale. It involves third-party infrastructure like bridges and RPC nodes to support Sei’s scale.

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Secondly, the phased rollout allows for the setting of clear expectations within the EVM project and infrastructure communities. Mainnet deployments of EVM projects and infrastructure are contingent upon the completion of the Sei V2 upgrade.

Finally, the phased approach to the Sei V2 launch enables the optimization of network performance. As more users and operators join the ecosystem, the development team can gather valuable data on network usage and behavior. This data-driven approach empowers contributors to enhance network scalability and stability.

More About Sei

The Sei ecosystem just wrapped up its largest NFT fundraiser, raising 8.5K $SEI for Taiwan Earthquake Relief. This successful fundraising effort highlights the generosity and solidarity within its community. It also underscores the platform’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for meaningful social impact.

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Through the power of NFTs, this blockchain demonstrates its ability to facilitate charitable initiatives and support communities in times of need. This further solidifies its position as a force for positive change in the cryptocurrency landscape.



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