This action aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to maintaining a secure and fair ecosystem.

It adheres strictly to the rules it has established to prohibit such malicious activities.

Enforcing Rules to Protect Users and Maintain Fairness

The decision was communicated by Tim Garcia, the Solana Validator Relations Lead, through a message on the Solana Foundation’s Discord server. Garcia stated, “Decisions in this matter are final. Enforcement actions are ongoing as we detect operators participating in mempools which allow sandwich attacks.” This firm stance underscores the Foundation’s zero-tolerance policy towards exploitative behaviors within its network.

Sandwich attacks are a specific type of front-running exploit that has become a significant concern in DeFi. In such an attack, the malicious actor places two transactions around a victim’s transaction. The first transaction is placed before the victim’s, and the second one is placed immediately after. This strategy manipulates the price, allowing the attacker to profit from the price changes induced by the victim’s transaction.

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More About Solana Attacks

The Solana Foundation explicitly prohibited such activities in a May 7 post by Garcia on the Foundation’s Discord channel. The guidelines aim to protect users from manipulative practices that can lead to substantial financial losses and undermine trust in the network.

The enforcement of these rules is a crucial step for the Solana Foundation in ensuring the integrity of its blockchain. Validators are crucial for network security and performance, so compromising actions are taken very seriously.


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