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Epic Meta has an agreement with Esports teams around the globe to release licensed digital collectibles and dApps to bring utility to these NFTs.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya Baidya, anchored the Epic Meta AMA session on our Telegram channel with Leonard Wee, the Project Lead of Epic Meta.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Leonard Wee to understand what they are about. Besides, the AMA is in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to Epic Meta

Background Information
Q – Tell us about Epic Meta. What is your value proposition?

Epic Meta is a platform to help Esports personalities and their respective fan bases earn alternative revenue streams. The idea was to help these Esports athletes create NFT player cards of themselves for their fan bases to invest in them, fans would then be able to earn dividends from crypto sponsorship/advertising deals which these Esports personalities get hired for.

In addition, to earning dividends and returns from investing in these Esports personalities, we will also be creating a play-to-earn Esports manager game around our ecosystem so that people who hold our NFTs will be able to utilize them for games.

Our unique selling point is that unlike many projects out there, we are bridging the gap and bringing web2 IP which already has significant value into the web3 ecosystem.

Q – How did you guys come up with the idea of Epic Meta, were you already in Esports?

Personally, my co-founder, Dalton, and I have had several friends who have entered competitive gaming in the past. Being avid gamers ourselves we’ve always kept up to date on the industry through these friends, and grown to understand the difficulties and the successes that many of them faced during their professional careers.

We came up with the idea for Epic Meta while we were discussing it with a number of these friends. What started as an innocent discussion about how most web3 projects were focused on sports instead of Esports turned into a brainstorming session on how web3 could potentially be integrated into the Esports ecosystem.

I have been in the crypto space since 2017, so most of my friends usually speak to me on crypto-related matters. Dalston has experience in setting up and successfully exiting his start-ups before, hence we decided that if there was a way we could work together to improve the Esports industry, we should work on Epic Meta together.

Q – Tell us a bit about your Team. Where is the team based?

Currently, we have a team of about eight people, most of us are based in Singapore, with one in Vietnam and one in the Philippines.

Our core management team consists of myself, Dalston and my tech lead Douglas. The other five members of our team will comprise two other technical developers and three marketing personnel.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

More Information About Epic Meta
Q – You have already talked about tokenizing Esports personalities. Can you tell us more about your product? How do the NFTs integrate with the platform End to End?

Sure thing. We function as a Launchpad for Esports teams and personalities to launch their NFT player cards with us. Community and fans who purchase their NFTs are in a sense investing in ownership of the Esports personality.

Whenever Crypto projects come to Epic Meta and choose Esports personalities to advertise their project, they will provide us with a token or NFTs of their specific project. Epic Meta will hold these advertisement pay-outs in escrow until the Esports personality streams about that particular project.

For the community and fans who invested in the NFTs of those Esports personalities, we will then give them an ROI in the form of the rewards and sponsorship money which the projects have provided for the services.

In addition, we are building a play-to-earn Esports Manager game for the people who hold the NFTs of the Esports players. This is very similar to Football Manager or FIFA manager but adapted for the Esports industry.

Epic Meta

Here’s a sneak peek of the dashboard we’ve built for the game itself.

Q – This is a question related to pay-out. The payments mostly will happen on Web 2. The NFTs are in Web 3. How do you create a channel of integrated cash flow that is transparent?

This is the beauty of it, we will only be working on closing sponsorships from web3 crypto projects. We wanted to integrate the Esports fan base into game-fi and play-to-earn games.

Getting them to purchase the NFTs of their favorite Esports personalities is the start. Then we start providing ROI to these fans who hold the NFTs in the form of tokens and NFTs of other crypto projects who sponsor these personalities.

Fans will see the gameplay of the various Gamefi projects streamed by their favorite players, after which those who hold the NFTs will get tokens and NFTs to start off playing those various play-to-earn games, essentially for free if you don’t count the upfront investment they put into purchasing the NFTs.

This would speed up the adoption of game-fi and play-to-earn because many of these traditional gamers don’t move in primarily because of the high upfront cost they need to put up first.

So our platform will become the bridge between web2 gamers and web3 projects. We remain a web3 project at our core because we only accept sponsorship payments in native tokens from the various projects.

Q – How big is the Esports market, and what is the opportunity?

I see Esports as the future of sports. The industry is growing at a tremendous rate over the past few years because of its accessibility. When it comes to mobile games, it’s always so convenient to just whip out your phone to play a game with friends while you’re taking a commute home or during lunchtime for bonding with your colleagues.

Q – As an NFT investor who is new to Esports how can I evaluate franchises/players. Will Epic Meta provide a ranking system of a Bio database that determines the value of an NFT/Project?

A ranking system is a good idea. For NFT investors who purchase the players for the ROI and share of their revenue will probably judge the players based on the metrics of their viewers and followers on social media platforms first. It’s probably fair to assume that personalities with a higher social media following would clinch more sponsorship deals hence greater returns for investors.

Of course, the more established the name of the team the player is in. Also, the higher value their NFTs would command as well. Those who participate in our play-to-earn game will probably judge the NFTs based on the statistics that are assigned to the players and how much that particular NFT has been trained.

Q – How are royalties decided for different personalities with different fanbase & community numbers?

Royalties will be fixed for all personalities so that we remain unbiased. The secondary market will then decide on the value of those NFTs separately.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

For this segment, the three best questions shared $300 $USDT. One of the questions is as follows:

Q.Twitter – Being a gaming platform what are the games EpicMeta is currently supporting? What type of games are you planning to add in the future? How do you plan to expand to non-crypto users as there are many gamers with zero blockchain knowledge? Please explain marketing strategies.

We’re more of a Launchpad platform for the community. Where cans can invest in Esports players and earn crypto from their ownership stake. The first game we’re supporting would be the Esports Manager game which we are building around the Esports player cards. Moving ahead the DAO is set up for additional suggestions. This will be focused on what other games can be built around our platform which is Esports-centric.

Our first method of onboarding people who are not native to crypto is via sales. Also, promoting NFTs to the player’s fanbases. Those who purchase the NFTs will start getting crypto rewards for various gamefi projects. This will incentivize them to try these games. We hope that we will become the platform to bridge non-crypto natives to web3. This will convert them as we go along.

Finally, our marketing will be driven in large part by the personalities we signed. They would want their NFTs to sell out as well and to provide additional value.

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