Metacraft AMA With Business Director Alex Binesh

Metacraft, a decentralized NFT creation infrastructure, provides solutions for NFT/project collaboration and crowdfunding.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the Metacraft AMA session on our Telegram channel with Alex Binesh, the Business Director of Metacraft.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Alex Binesh to understand what they are about. Besides, the AMA is in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to Metacraft

Background Information
Q – Tell us a bit about your team. Where is the team based out of?

Our team originates in Canada with team members in Europe, China, and other parts of Asia.

We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in Blockchain, Visual arts, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, and Virtual Reality. Some of our team members are world-renowned in their fields, such as Matt Veigh, a famous artist, and Nathaniel Veigh, an award-winning AI innovator.

Q – Tell us a bit about your company.

We are the first DECENTRALIZED complete infrastructure platform with the ability to connect Metaverses, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence, NFT Exchanges, DAO Services, and Crowdfunding. We are also able to operate on many networks.

Currently, we are on Polygon, BSC, and Metis DAO, and we will soon be deploying on other chains. We have a number of partnerships with gaming communities, e-commerce, entertainment, and sporting operations.

Q – Tell us, how was the concept of Metacraft created?

We saw the need in the market for a unique platform to offer all the latest in Blockchain, VR, AI, and the Metaverse.

Additionally, we wanted the platform to be decentralized and community-run. Such a platform did not exist. Furthermore, we wanted to be the first to offer the power of the Metaverse with Blockchain, VR, AI, and Gaming.

There are many companies that offer just the Metaverse, or just NFTs, or just VR or AI. We set out to combine all these into one experience.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

More Information About Metacraft
Q – What are the different components of Metacraft’s solution? Can you please elaborate?

We allow an average artistic or non-artistic person to create, import, export, buy, and sell NFTs. An average person with no artistic talent can create exquisite artwork on our platform using our AI engine. Additionally, they can transform such artwork into other established styles using the AI engine as well.

We allow for a unique experience in the Metaverse where NFTs can be created, showcased, sold, bought, played for, and won. Our AI engine allows for complex music, art creation as NFTs without any artistic talent required.

Anyone can raise funds and collaboratively create complex projects using our crowdfunding platform. We allow for sophisticated gameplay in and outside of our Metaverse with very attractive tokenomics and P2E and P2W models. We bring NFTs and the Metaverse together seamlessly. Also, we offer shopping, music, and sporting events in our Metaverse.

Q – You say “our Metaverse.” Are you creating a Metaverse of your own too? Lands, businesses, hangouts, etc.?

Indeed. We have created a very high-quality Metaverse with a variety of experiences, such as art galleries, museums, sports arenas, e-commerce outlets, and celebrity-based interactions as part of music and sporting events. We have also been selling land parcels at a high rate.

Besides, we have tremendous interest in offering vacant and built-up land parcels for such operations as fashion outlets, expensive watches, pubs, and cafes. Also, we are constantly finding new use cases as part of our discussions with potential clients. Our Metaverse will continue expanding and will eventually plug into other Metaverses, allowing for the exchange of traffic, royalties, and assets.

Q – Your website does not disclose anything about the Metaverse. Is it still private? How can the community participate? Or are you purely focusing on business clients?

We have a timeline for releasing various aspects of our platform. For example, we need to launch our tokens first to allow for the Aztec game to work.

Our Metaverse will be released in April sometime as it needs to integrate into the marketplace and the Aztec game. It is complex work.

You can see our Beta Metaverse, including the galleries, on our YouTube and Twitter channels. We have many ample videos. And once launched, we would love the community to participate as we are interested in improving it and, at the same time, finding new use cases.

Our Metaverse will be a place for our community to hang out, be entertained, earn an income, and be creative.

Q – You say that you specialize in minting NFTs for the Metaverse. Can you give us some case studies?

We can import NFTs into our Metaverse, display them in our Gallery there, and sell them on our Marketplace right from our Metaverse. We have integrated an e-commerce platform into our Metaverse which has a gaming and NFT component.

In addition, we are building a music and other entertainment platform allowing for live streaming, as well as live interactions with celebrities using avatars while offering collectible NFTs as part of the experience

Sporting: We are building sporting venues to allow for interactive NFT-based experiences between organizers, participants, and visitors, all in our Metaverse.

Fashion Show: We are working on creating fashion shows and related shopping experiences in our Metaverse with NFT representations of such things as clothing designs and collections.

We are able to import NFTs into and export them out of our Metaverse into our Marketplace or secondary marketplaces.

Q – Are these different use cases, in the form of land types, districts, or tools, that a user can leverage to build an experience? Or will the experience be custom-made?

These are different use cases. For example, we are selling land to certain operators where they would like to create their own e-commerce, shopping, or other experiences. We also have a number of clients, based on their business models, where we are building private and public rooms and galleries where they offer gamified and NFT-based experiences.

In some instances, we are allowing our partners to simply import and export NFTs to our Metaverse and then to our Marketplace. Our gaming partners will be able to stage their games in our Metaverse or not and, at the same time, integrate with our AI, Marketplace, DAO, and Crowdfunding components.

Each case is different but generally involves us advising our partners and/or designing and creating their desired experiences. This is a new ecosystem, and many people are just realizing the potential and, hence, the need for us to educate and assist them in creating the desired experiences.

Q – Tell us more about the Aztec game?

It is our own virtual reality game, and it is a Play-To-Earn game. It is based on the actual history, civilization, and culture of the Aztec people and was created after extensive research and study of this civilization.

Also, it is a Maze game, and if you are able to escape traps, guards, and snakes through the Golden Door in Montezuma’s Chamber, then you will win an Aztec-themed NFT. These NFTs can be sold in the secondary market or at

The team will add some utility to owners of these NFTs for use in the Metaverse. The single-player game will be available in PC Build, WebGL, and full VR.

Players will later be able to choose their level of difficulty to increase their chances of winning a super rare NFT. The multi-player game is coming soon.

We are building the VR title for Oculus and then Pico. In order to play the game, you have to be registered on

Q – You are trying to build an alliance of Metaverses. What is the idea?

We see attempts by the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, and other giants trying to dominate this space.

We see a need for smaller operators to the Metaverse field to collaborate while staying independent, offering a unique and memorable experience to visitors without the need to be subjected to large corporate rules, demands, and profit objectives. For this reason, we are forming alliances where a visitor can teleport to the Metaverses of their choosing.

We will exchange traffic, royalties, and experiences across multiple Metaverses.

We feel the large corporate Metaverses will not have the desire to integrate their Metaverses into other Metaverses, essentially trapping their visitors in their own space, and this is not acceptable as the community expects and deserves an open market.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

For this segment, the five best questions shared 500 USDT. One of the questions is as follows:

Q. Twitter – Users, artists, and projects can create NFTs and import them into the Metaverse through your infrastructure. What are the conditions that an NFT must meet to be accepted and imported through your infrastructure? How do you keep track of the NFTs that are imported on a daily basis?

For each NFT to be imported, we scan the Web to make sure no other copies exist. We then store it on our IPFS platform to ensure authenticity, accessibility, and security.

Then you can import from our main platform into our Metaverse. For example, you can rent a space in the main gallery and display your work there. Then a visitor can choose to purchase it by clicking on it in the Metaverse, at which point the visitor is taken back to our Marketplace to complete the transaction.

Tracking of the NFTs is basically done as part of the IPFS storage after it is authenticated as an original.

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