“Bitcointopia”: For only 0.5 Bitcoin, you can take part in an effort to secede from America and live in a shipping container in the middle of a desert.

Have you ever wanted to live in a society that only uses Bitcoin? Have you ever wanted to secede from the United States? Have you ever wanted to live in a shipping container in the middle of a desert? If you answered “Yes” to all the above questions, you are in luck because Bitcointopia, or the “United States of Bitcoin” is coming soon.

The United States of Bitcoin (USoB) plans to become a haven for Bitcoin users.

Morgan Rockwell, the Founder and CEO of Bitcointopia, has already purchased land deeds in Elko County, Nevada. There are multiple options for housing, including shipping container houses (you can stack them for larger living space), 3D printed homes, pre-fabricated homes, or just building your own house on your plot.

Take a look at the city plan as published on Bitcointopia’s Twitter.

According to the first of the “Blockchainist Papers”, The United States of Bitcoin is looking to demand independence within 90 days (now within 60 days). The “paper” also states that a military alliance will be formed between the Bitcoin state’s “militia of Bitcoin” and US military via a Treaty of Military Cooperation once the USoB is independent.

According to the second Blockchainst Paper, they are justified to secede because of the Treason Act of 1495, which is a British medieval common law that says you can be immune from prosecution if you declare yourself to be fighting on the side of a rightful ruler.

You can currently buy your plots of land for 0.5 BTC per acre on Bitcointopia’s website.

In case anyone reading still thinks that this project seems legitimate and attainable, keep in mind that the last time an entity attempted to leave the Union the Civil War happened. It’s fair to assume that any attempt to secede from the Union will attract military intervention and be quickly mediated.

Thankfully, Bitcointopia keeps the world up to date with their progress. Take a look at the brand new Town Hall as published by Bitcointopia’s Instagram.

Take a look at their website for more on their project and hopefully a good laugh.


This is NOT a recommendation. Always do your own due diligence.


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