StaFi Updates LSaaS with LRT Integration and New Roadmap

StaFi is introducing LRT to upgrade its Liquid Staking as a Service (LSaaS) stack.

The recent upgrade is a move towards providing liquid staking solutions in this platform. Read on to explore LSaaS’s recent upgrade.

Enhancing LSaaS: StaFi Integrates LRT for Advanced Staking

StaFi unlocks the liquidity of staked assets in the Proof-of-Stake blockchains. StaFi recently announced an improvement to StaFi by integrating LRT within LSaaS. This integration aligns with StaFi 2.0 growth plans, which is upgrading the LSaaS stack.

Liam Young, StaFi’s founder, said, “The integration of LRT into StaFi’s LSaaS is a turning point for developers.” He continues, ‘They can now create secure restaking products interacting with many chains.’

LRT stands out with its suite of unique functions. These functions include unrestake/restake/withdraw, burn/mint LRT, and managing restaking pools. An extra function is delegating restaking operators. These functions inspire developers to build solutions that leverage liquid staking. Before now, the LSaaS Stack App supported EigenLayer LRT, Karaoke, and BounceBit LRT. There are plans to support BTC LRT. 

More About StaFi

Also, LSaaS’s support for EigenLayer’s upgrade will improve its functionality. It will allow developers and LRT operators to provide their LRT solutions. So, you will be able to swap AVS restaking rewards for ETH via swap to aid in the creation of the LRT/ETH pair.

Integrating LRT into StaFi’s LSaaS stack improves LRT development’s reliability. It also makes restaking across many chains accessible. With this integration, liquid staking has so much in store for us. 

StaFi 2.0 is a significant upgrade of StaFi. It places StaFi as the Liquid Staking Derivatives Infrastructure Layer. The recent upgrade will bring about the integration of new tokens.

This platform will be a much more secure platform with a new identity. All these make StaFi a platform committed to improving liquid staking technology. This new integration will lead to a more efficient liquid staking solution.



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