Unlike traditional mobile applications, Telegram mini apps, such as Notcoin, do not require installation. This allows them to proliferate at an unprecedented pace.

This approach uses Telegram’s social nature, allowing mini apps to spread virally and reach millions within weeks.

Effortless Payments and Viral Growth for Mini Apps

Telegram Stars enables easy in-app purchases for digital services on Android and iOS. This ease of use is poised to further accelerate the growth and adoption of mini apps. Developers can withdraw their earned Stars through Fragment using TON, a cryptocurrency that supports secure and efficient transactions. Moreover, these Stars can be reinvested to promote mini apps within Telegram. This offers developers preferential terms and amplifies their reach even further.

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A significant advantage of Telegram Stars is the economic benefit for developers. Typically, Apple and Google take a hefty 30% commission on in-app purchases. However, Telegram has devised a system to mitigate this cost. By subsidizing ads purchased with Telegram Stars, Telegram provides significant savings for developers. If developers reinvest their Stars into promoting their apps, the effective commission rate drops to nearly 0%.

More About Telegram

The $TON chain is gaining significant momentum due to ten key catalysts. First, a 50% APY on the USDT campaign for new joiners is attracting considerable interest. Second, the total value locked (TVL) in the ecosystem has surpassed $210 million and continues to grow. Third, the $NOT memecoin on TON is now listed on Binance, boosting its visibility and credibility. Fourth, all new funds are entering the ecosystem organically, as there is no major bridge yet. Fifth, billions of potential users from Telegram can seamlessly access TON’s dApps, enhancing user experience.

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Sixth, a substantial $200 million incentive campaign, called The Open League, is currently running. Seventh, dApps on TON are distributing their tokens, encouraging participation. Eighth, DeFi farming on TON offers rewarding opportunities. Lastly, TON has received investments from notable firms like Animoca and Pantera, with the latter making its largest investment in TON. These factors collectively drive the increasing momentum of the $TON chain.


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