Tether, TON, and Oobit Forge Crypto Payment Solution

Recently, Tether launched USD₮ and XAU₮ on TON, facilitating smooth transfers within TON’s ecosystem.

This move aims to streamline processes, ensuring swift, secure, and cost-effective transactions for users worldwide. Let’s explore more about this important news for Tether, Oobit and TON.

Streamlining Crypto Transactions for Everyday Use

Since its launch, over $200 million worth of USD₮ has been issued on TON’s blockchain. This enables users to send USD₮ via Telegram messages and utilize it for instant crypto Tap payments on Oobit. This collaboration emphasizes Tether’s leadership in enhancing digital asset accessibility and efficiency.

Oobit’s involvement in this collaboration enhances the crypto Tap & Pay experience. It offers merchants the capability to receive fiat currency even when payments are made in USD₮. Oobit’s integration of USD₮ expands cryptocurrency’s practicality as a widely accepted payment option.  This integration aligns with Tether’s vision of promoting digital assets as viable alternatives to traditional currencies. It fosters greater adoption and utility across various industries.

More About this Integration

TON, known for its decentralized approach to the internet using blockchain technology, plays a crucial role in this collaboration. TON blockchain integrated with Telegram offers seamless P2P payments. Here is what TON and Oobit are doing:

With USD₮ and soon XAU₮ available on TON, Telegram’s vast user base gains convenient access to decentralized services. This enhances their overall experience and reinforces the value proposition of blockchain-based solutions.



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