Be early. Be early. We say it all the time. And when you choose well AND you are early, you can make big money.

You know it. You’ve seen it. Either in your own account or someone you know. So, today, we have 3 altcoins at or just before their TGE. It’s hard to be earlier than at the Token Generation Event (TGE). Here are 3 of our favorite unreleased altcoins.

1) Common Wealth

The first of these altcoins is Common Wealth. Common Wealth is a story we love. Bringing early-stage investment to the masses.  The Common Wealth team believes in using blockchain for fully decentralized, fully on-chain access to investments.

Their Free VC Fund (now called Priceless) was a huge hit selling out in hours. The Alpha Fund sold out too. The deal finders/referrers, and analysts are from places like top gaming VC Animoca Brands and top investment fund Hashkey Capital. You know the quality of deals the funds will see will be high with a group like this. In Common Wealth lingo, they are called the All Street Oracles.

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The $WLTH token is how you will receive your profits and fund royalties. All other rewards and revenue shares will come in $WLTH too.


The TGE is happening May 22-23 on the Paid Network. There are 2 pools. The Early Pool and the Open Pool. Together, they are raising $9 million for Common Wealth’s $WLTH token. They are raising in USDC on Base to keep fees low. The price is 6 cents per token, so they are raising 15 million tokens.

We have a detailed article on our website you can use to go to Ignition, which is Paid Network’s launchpad, and sign up to get on the whitelist. Since it’s happening this week, you don’t have a lot of time to waste.

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You can also sign up to invest in the new funds as they come out right here at this link.

2) Eigenlayer

Coming sometime in May is probably the most anticipated TGE of this cycle. Eigenlayer. Their restaking has breathed new life and new liquidity for thousands of Ethereum holders. Now you can stake and restake across different protocols.

We’ve covered Eigenlayer A LOT in our Altcoin Buzz Alpha group. Like this DeFi and restaking option that includes using EigenYield or EtherFi. If you are eligible for the first round of airdrops of the new $EIGEN token, you can claim it right here. The claim window is open now until early to mid-September.

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The public TGE has not happened yet but here is some good information about what the token is and what it will do. In it, you find info like:

  • How Eigenlayer’s airdrop seasons work. Season 1 is done already but more are on the way.
  • Staking options.
  • New uses with “Actively Validated Services” (AVS) and what AVS is.
  • How the token’s intersubjective faults will help fight against misbehavior in the ecosystem and reduce risks of slashing where you lose money when restaking.

As I said, token claims are available for those from airdrop season 1. 15% of the total of over 1.6 billion token supply is set aside for airdrops like this.

Clearly, Eigenlayer wants to use airdrops for community-based distribution for their $EIGEN token. A couple of important notes here. First, tokens are non-transferable between now and September. So no quick flip for a profit. VPNs are banned too. And lots of users and airdrop hunters are upset at this policy. 

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And you can stake your newly claimed coins. But there is a 24-day unstaking period. We’ve seen others like Cosmos with its standard 21-day unbonding period. But it’s important that you know so you can decide if that is worth it to you. Have you used Eigenlayer or taken part in ETH restaking? Let us know how it’s working out for you in the comments below.

3) Nulink

Nulink is a Binance Labs project. That already gives it a leg up on many newer projects. It has Binance backing plus an easier time to a Binance listing. Then, you have all the marketing muscle from Binance behind the project. Their track record is amazing.

So Nulink is a privacy solution for dApps. It uses zero-knowledge-proof tech to maintain your data privacy. Nulink doesn’t only make use of ZK tech. They also use fully homomorphic encryption and a special type of attribution-based encryption.

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This means a couple of things including:

  • Not relying on only 1 type of privacy tech
  • The data owner being able to fully control who sees what including parts of files. For example, in health care, a nutritionist does not need to see your entire medical history including when you broke your arm when you were 12. But they DO need to see your blood work to know where your current health is.  Attribution-based encryption allows for this.

You allow people to only see the parts they need and you approve of. You are in control. Privacy’s place in crypto is important but uncertain due to regulation. But if you believe as we do that some privacy will be necessary for the mass adoption of blockchain, then this is a project to watch. Plus, you are early. Really early.


The TGE took place just last week with IEOs on 2 different exchanges. Gat and ByBit offered Nulink’s $NLK token at 5c and 15c respectively. Today’s price is 10.3 cents. The 5 exchanges where you can buy $NLK right now are:

  • ByBit (naturally these 2 would offer it)
  • KuCoin.
  • BitMart.
  • CoinEx.

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Not coincidentally, thanks to the Binance boost and influence 5 exchanges listed the token since its TGE.



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