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Crypto wallet and decentralized finance platform, Instadapp has announced the native integration of Polygon and Uniswap.

The first benefit is that users can use the Instadapp wallet to manage Uniswap’s liquidity pools directly on its DeFi platform.

Polygon is a layer two solutions provider that scales Ethereum using various rollup technologies. Therefore, the second benefit of this integration is that it will allow pools and token swaps on Polygon by providing significant gas savings.

Also, the third benefit is that users would have easy management and interactive charts to assist in their DeFi investments in Uniswap.

Furthermore, Instadapp co-founder Samyak Jain said: “You can manage Liquidity pools here. Trades are already supported by 1inch, which we use on our UI.”

More About Instadapp 

The popular DeFi platform has been busy developing new ways for users to manage their positions efficiently. Consequently, Instadapp unveiled a “debt migration bridge” between Ethereum and Avalanche on December 17th.

On the other hand, Instadapp launched a similar bridge to support the Aave debt migration between Ethereum and Polygon on December 9th. Additionally, the platform also announced the first-ever flash loan aggregator earlier this month, offering the following features:

  • Aggregates many providers
  • Supports multiple chains
  • Access to wide liquidity and tokens
  • Advance routing for lower fees

$INST Price Outlook

Moreover, the DeFi dashboard launched its native governance token, $INST, back in June. Currently, the token has climbed 2.0% on the day. As a consequence, it is now trading at $3.20.

There is around $12 billion in total value locked on Instadapp, according to Defillama. This represents a gain of 6,450% since the beginning of the year. As a result, Instadapp is the 7th largest DeFi protocol by TVL.

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