TON Application Chain and Polygon Launch TON L2

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the TON network by integrating Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) functionality.

It will open up a wide array of decentralized applications (DApps), including DeFi and GameFi. Let’s discover more about this important news for TON.
Revolutionizing TON with EVM Integration

TON Application Chain and Polygon Labs revealed that TON L2 has integrated Polygon’s  (CDK) and the Agglayer interoperability protocol. These integrations enable the deployment of EVM-compatible DApps on TAC. This significantly expands the utility and user base of the TON network.

The integration of EVM functionality means that Ethereum developers can now seamlessly port their applications to TON. This will leverage the large user base already present on platforms like Telegram. This move is expected to catalyze the development and adoption of real-world crypto applications within the TON ecosystem. Particularly through popular interfaces such as the Wallet in Telegram.

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The partnership between TON Application Chain and Polygon Labs not only aims to increase the diversity of applications available but also enhances the network’s capabilities in DeFi, web3 gaming, and identity solutions. By tapping into the interoperability features provided by Agglayer, users will benefit from improved scalability, reduced transaction costs, and faster confirmation times across various applications.

More About TON

From now until August 8th, users can benefit from gas fee subsidies by downloading the Bitget Wallet and engaging with the chain.

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This initiative allows participants to explore and profit from its ecosystem without incurring any transaction costs, making it an ideal opportunity to experience the benefits of DeFi on its blockchain firsthand.


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