TON Onboards 1M Users in 30 Hours

This surge in user adoption highlights the increasing demand for decentralized platforms and digital currencies, especially among the crypto community.

The NOT coin launch resulted in over one million new holders within 30 hours. Let’s explore more about this important news for TON.
NOT Coin Launch: One Million New Holders in 30 Hours

Additionally, 841,170 NOT coin mints reflect widespread interest in TON’s ecosystem.

Moreover, the launch of the NOT coin has catalyzed a flurry of decentralized exchange (DEX) activity. Users engaged in over 216,530 swaps conducted by 117,254 traders within the initial 30-hour period.
This robust trading activity reflects the vibrant liquidity and trading ecosystem that has quickly emerged around NOT coin, further solidifying its position as a prominent digital asset within the DeFi space.
Source: X
Furthermore, NFT vouchers integrated with NOT coin saw 67,258 swaps across 16 addresses with enthusiastic participation. This demonstrates the versatility and utility of NOT coin as a means of accessing and trading digital assets within the TON ecosystem.
More About TON
Following the integration of USDT with TON’s blockchain, remarkable growth has been witnessed within just one month. Currently, there is a staggering $316 million USDT in circulation, highlighting the rapid adoption and utilization of the stablecoin within the TON ecosystem.
Source: X
Additionally, $160 million USDT has been locked, underscoring the growing interest in utilizing USDT for various DeFi applications and services on the TON blockchain.


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