Top DeFi Updates october week 2

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space have continued to attract the attention of crypto enthusiast worldwide.

To keep our readers informed, we had compiled a list of some of the top 10 DeFi updates last week. These top DeFi updates include WOO Network strategic partnership with Perpetual protocol and Kava Labs partnership with CertiK.

1. WOO Network Partners With Perpetual Protocol

Last week, WOO Network announced a strategic partnership with Perpetual protocol. Therefore, the association aims to introduce institutional liquidity to the Perpetual protocol. Also as improving on-chain derivatives trading for the WOO network.

2. Kava Labs Partners with CertiK

Kava Lab is focused on securing its ecosystem. To achieve this, Kava has partnered with blockchain security firm CertiK. As a result, CertiK will receive part of the USD 185 million Kava ignition fund. Finally, the fund will be directed at routine security assessment to real-time threat monitoring of the Kava ecosystem.

3. Dvision Network Launched NFT Product on TribeOne

Dvision network has recently launched its unique NFT loan products using the TribeOne platform. TribeOne is the first-ever AI-powered NFT and DeFi funding platform.

Also, the partnership will make it possible for users to enjoy unrestricted access to Dvision upcoming NFT marketplace.

4. Axie Infinity | Rigel Protocol – Launch “Squid Game” Meme Contest

Axie Infinity recently launched its $AXS farms on the Rigel protocol. To commemorate this, both companies have found a “Squid Game” Meme contest.

Therefore, the contest started on October 6th, 2021, and is expected to end on October 12th, 2021. The best Meme will receive 300 $RGP and 1 $AXS. Finally, the second and third place will get 150 $RGP & 0.5 $AXS and 100 $RPG & 0.25 $AXS respectively.

5. SingualarFarm Partners With Game1 Network

Popular next-gen DeFi platform, SingularFarm, has made a recent partnership announcement. The platform has strategically partnered with the Game1 network. Therefore, users can stake their $GAME1 tokens against USDT (GAME1/USDT) to earn $SING tokens.

Also, they can melt down $SING tokens to get $GAME1 tokens.

6. Kava Labs Launch Meme Competition

Last week, Kava labs launched its first-ever official Meme Competition. Users are submitting their most creative Meme and stand a chance to win 10,000 $SWP tokens. Also, the Meme competition will help create awareness for the entire Kava Ecosystem.

7. SingularFarm Now on Fantom Chain

Singularfarm recently went live on Fantom Chain. As a result, significant projects on Fantom Chain like SpookySwap and Jetfuelfinance will function as official partners of SingularFarm. Also, users will be able to earn rewards.

8. Krystal DeFi Joins the Avalanche Ecosystem

Multichain DeFi and NFT management platform, Krystal, has strategically partnered with Avalanche. Therefore, the partnership will provide a cost-effective token swap using Pangolin DEX and Kyber Network.

9. Alliance Block Partners With Graypes

Popular DeFi platform, Alliance Block, has partnered with Graypes to link up interested investors with viable startups. Moreover, Graypes is a Swiss-based firm that makes use of algorithms and AI to rate startups.

10. RealFevr bridges to Polygon

RealFevr has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon. Therefore, users can now use the RealFevr native token, $FEVR, on Polygon cheaply, faster way.

I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 DeFi Updates from the second week of October 2021.

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