Top 10 DeFi Updates | September Week 1

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has continued to make waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Interestingly, we have compiled ten of the top DeFi updates that took place in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space last week. OpenOcean’s strategic partnership with Avalanche and Chainlink to provide dApps with top-notch price feeds are some of the top DeFi updates that took place in the blockchain and crypto space for the first week of September 2021.

1 – OpenOcean Partners With Avalanche

Popular DeFi and CeFi aggregator platform OpenOcean has strategically partnered with Avalanche. The partnership is aimed at facilitating smooth trading operations on the Avalanche ecosystem. Now users and traders on Avalanche will enjoy top-notch trading prices along with the lowest possible slippage while also providing liquidity for top DEXes on Avalanche. Some of these top DEXes include Trader Joes, SushiSwap, Pangolin, etc.

2- SCV Finance | Tree Finance – Impacting the Environment

The blockchain and crypto space, since its inception, has been a source of concern for environmentalists. This is majorly because of the amount of energy needed to smoothly carry out blockchain operations. Tree Finance, in partnership with SCV Finance, on the other hand, is looking to positively impact the environment.

The partnership will make it possible for the first NFT to be backed by trees, which will be planted around the world. Interestingly, these real trees can be tracked and identified using blockchain.

3 – Tempus Obtains Grant From Balancer Grants DAO

Last week, Tempus Finance revealed in a tweet that it has received a $50,000 grant from Balancer Grants DAO. The platform furthermore disclosed that it was thrilled by the grant and also the opportunity to work with Balancer Labs. The funds will be directed at building a new AMM on Balancer V2 protocol.

4 – Switcheo Network | Zilliqa (ZIL)

Last week, Switcheo Network announced the development of an NFT marketplace on Zilliqa. Zilliqa, in recent times, has shown increasing interest in the NFT space. Also, partnering with Switcheo Network is a step in the right direction for Zilliqa and its proposed foray into the NFT space.

5 – Beam Wallet Launched Mobile Version 6.1

Beam Wallet users can now enjoy all the top-notch features available on the wallet from the comfort of their mobile phones (both iOS and Android). The wallet platform last week launched its Mobile Wallet version 6.1.

The recently launched wallet version is equipped with a number of new and exciting features, bug fixes, and several other performance improvements.

6 – Polygon (MATIC) Partnered With Dharma

Dharma HQ has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon (formerly Matic). The partnership is aimed at launching Polygon support for all Dharma users. The partnership with Polygon will make it possible for:

  • Dharma users to buy tokens directly from a US-bank account.
  • They will also be able to trade, buy, and sell their tokens on Polygon.
  • They will also be able to swap supported tokens all at near-zero charges.
  • There will also be no need for third-party platforms like cross-chain bridges, MetaMask, crypto exchanges, etc.

7 – AAVE dApps to Have Acess to Chainlink Price Feeds

Avalanche has revealed plans to create decentralized finance (DeFi) products around its native token (AAVE). These products will also need to integrate the AAVE\USD trading pair. Hence, the need for Chainlink price feeds. Additionally, dApps will also now have access to Chainlink’s secure and reliable price feeds.

8 – Enjin (ENJ) Partners With Stomrite

Popular NFT and blockchain gaming platform Enjin strategically partnered with Stomrite. The partnership, according to reports, is aimed at exploring non-fungible token (NFT) integration. Stomrite is also well-known as an open-world, role-playing game (RPG). The partnership will also help Stomrite in its journey to becoming eco-friendly.

9 – Knit Finance Partnered With Uniswap

Last week, popular Automated Market Maker (AMM) platform Uniswap strategically partnered with Knit Finance. Thanks to the partnership, Knit Finance’s native token (KFT) went live on both Uniswap and PancakeSwap. The listing took place on September 2, 2021, at exactly 12:00 pm (UTC).

10 – Formation Fi Partnered With Polytrade

The last of our DeFi updates finds Polytrade becoming the newest addition to the Formation Fi ecosystem. Together, both platforms will work to facilitate increased investment opportunities for crypto enthusiasts.

CEO and founder of Polytrade, Piyush Gupta, also revealed that the entire Polytrade ecosystem was elated by the prospects of the partnership. Furthermore, he said, “We are super excited to have an advanced and innovative protocol like Formation.Fi joining us on our journey to reshape the future.”

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