Top Defi Updates week 4 October

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has continued to grow exponentially, taking center stage in the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

To keep our readers informed, we had published some of the top DeFi updates in the crypto space last week. These Top 10 DeFi Updates include strategic partnerships, significant updates, events, publications, etc.

1. XAVA Token Now on Kyber DMM

Popular liquidity platform, Kyber Network, has announced listing $XAVA tokens on its Kyber DMM. Therefore, users can now trade $XAVA at very cost-effective prices.

2. Step Hero Partners With Krystal

Famous NFT gaming platform Step Hero has strategically partnered with Krystal, a DeFi and NFT management platform. According to the annoucement, $HERO and $STEP tokens are now listed on the Krystal platform.

3. RAMP 2.0 – A New Dawn for Ramp DeFi

Popular optimized lending platform, Ramp DeFi, has recently published details of its proposed RAMP 2.0 roadmap. Also, the roadmap is focused on scaling up user adoption and the Total Value Locked (TVL) of the platform.

4. Krystal DeFi Launches IDO Launchpad

Popular multi-chain NFT and DeFi platform, Krystal DeFi, has launched an IDO launchpad called KrystalGO.

According to the annoucement, the launchpad will provide upcoming projects with access to liquidity. Also, Krystal community members will have the opportunity to invest in viable blockchain startups.

5. DeversiFi Launch Esports Tournament

Last week, DeversiFi launched its first-ever Esports tournament. The tournament will include ten different DeFi projects battling to show who is the best. So, the projects involved in the tournament include Polygon, Sushi, Ampleforth, and DeversiFi. Finally, the tournament was scheduled to last for 13 weeks.

6. Step Hero V2.0 Marketplace is Live

Popular NFT gaming platform Step Hero recently launched its v2.0 marketplace. The marketplace will provide users with the latest NFT trading experience. Therefore, this will include more search filters, Better UI, etc.

7. Kyber Network Partners with Fantom

Last week, Kyber Network entered a strategic partnership with Fantom. As a result, both platforms will launch the first-ever DeFi Dynamic Market Maker (DMM) platform on Fantom. Also, Kyber DMM will provide Fantom users with the best token rates and increased earnings for LPs.

8. Dune Analytics | Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Partnership

Top blockchain research tool Dune Analytics has strategically partnered with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). According to the annoucement, the alliance will help improve BSC, and its interaction switches the DeFi, Gaming, and NFT space.

9. Saber | Terra – To Launch Wormhole UST Pool on Solana

Saber has partnered with Terra to launch the Wormhole v2 UST pool on Solana. Therefore, the partnership will provide more liquidity on Saber. UST is a stablecoin backed by the US dollar, with a circulating supply of more than USD 2 billion.

10. TrueUSD Partners With Fantom

USD-backed digital asset TrueUSD is now on Fantom. According to the annoucement, TrueUSD is well-known for serving as a bridge between the traditional finance space and the DeFi space.

Also, we hope you’ve enjoyed the Top 10 DeFi Updates of week 4 of October.

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