Top 5 Crypto News: 01/16

Bitcoin is consolidating close to $37,070 for the day, and altcoins like DOT and LINK are skyrocketing and making new all-time highs. There’s lots of action going on in the crypto and blockchain sphere.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Coinbase Partners With Cointracker for Crypto Tax Solutions

Coinbase is partnering with CoinTracker to offer a tax solution to Coinbase customers. CoinTracker is offering a crypto tax service that allows Coinbase users to accurately report their capital gains and losses from selling and trading cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Coinbase customers can also report their crypto trades to the IRS using CoinTracker. For their part, Coinbase has invested in CoinTracker.

Transmute Integrating Chainlink VRF to Empower Its Platform

The DeFi platform Transmute will now use the Chainlink VRF randomness solution to empower alchemy-themed games. Transmute is an on-chain alchemy-themed gaming protocol where users attempt to convert a number of XPb tokens into a single, more valuable token. Moreover, these games are now readily auditable due to Chainlink VRF, and all user activity will be stored off-chain. 

Poolz Integrates Chainlink VRF in Order To Whitelist Investors

Just like Transmute, Poolz is looking to take advantage of the Chainlink VRF randomness solution. Poolz will use the Chainlink feature to randomly select people who are looking to invest in a project that is listed on the Poolz platform. Poolz did not want to manually pick such investors themselves as they felt it made the platform centralized. Now such picking will be done totally at random.

Figure Closed a $100 Million Financing Facility With Investment Bank JP Morgan

Figure, the blockchain mortgage and loan platform, announced a $100 million financing facility from investment bank JP Morgan. This facility of JPMorgan will help them to innovate in the lending space. The facility is for conforming and jumbo mortgages from JP Morgan.

3iQ’s Bitcoin Fund Reaches $1 Billion Milestone

3iQ, based in Canada and the first regulated and exchange-traded public Bitcoin fund, announces it has hit the CAD $1 billion mark. According to the Twitter announcement, they surged 900% since October 2020.

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