Top 5 Crypto News: 01/22

After making a daily low of $29,000, Bitcoin is now trading close to $33,500, and Ethereum is trading close to $1,250.

Let’s find out some exciting crypto news for today.

Kyber Planning To Become a Network of Liquidity Pools With Kyber 3.0 Upgrade

Kyber Network announced a Kyber 3.0 upgrade that will turn Kyber into a network of liquidity protocols. According to the post, they will also launch KyberPRO, which is an on-chain gateway into DeFi for market makers. With this upgrade, they will attempt to fix the high gas consumption issues.

COTI Integrates Chainlink To Launch Oracle-Optimized Decentralized CVI Index

COTI network integrates Chainlink to the world’s first crypto volatility index for decentralized finance (DeFi). This integration helps CVI data to connect with other platforms. Moreover, CVI is designed to determine the market volatility and the fear index.

Aavegotchi | Matic Bridge Opened to Provide a Fast Layer 2 Network Without Losing Gas Fees

The Aavegotchi/Matic bridge is now open for users to earn trading fees by supplying maTokens to liquidity pools. According to the tweet, Aave plans to provide a much faster, cheaper Layer 2 network without losing on gas fees. Additionally, it will also keep a track of interest being paid while doing transactions.

Trust Wallet Reached a New Milestone With Five Million Downloads on Google Play

Trust Wallet hits a new milestone with five million downloads on Google Play. According to the tweet, one year ago, they reached one million downloads. Impressively, in less than a year, its user base skyrocketed by a full four million.

Mirror Protocol Launched Staking and Liquidity Pool for Global Companies Stocks

Mirror Protocol launched staking of leading synthetic stock shares. According to the post, the user can stake and earn APY on global companies’ stocks including Tesla, Netflix, Apple, Google, and many more. Additionally, Binance smart chain users can also stake mAssets and earn rewards.

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