Top 5 Crypto News: 02/03

The crypto space has been busy today. Bitcoin is having a good day and is trading at $37,846. The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,672.

Let’s find out some exciting crypto news for today.

Binance Launched Binance Pay,  a Secure Cryptocurrency Payment Alternative for Users

Binance announced a borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment option for users. According to the official blog, Binance launched Binance Pay, which allows users to pay and to receive crypto payments from their friends and family worldwide. Binance Pay currently supports EUR, BNB, BTC, BUSD, ETH, and SXP.

RAMP | e-Money Partnership To Launch Fiat-To-DeFi Liquidity Bridge

RAMP partnered with e-Money to launch the Fiat-To-DeFi liquidity bridge. As per the tweet, this partnership helps in the flawless movement of funds between e-Money’s fiat-backed money markets and RAMP’s DeFi collateralized liquidity solution.

Elrond Smart Contract Integrates Razor Network Oracles To Empower Data Streams

Elrond integrated Razor Network oracles for scalable data streams. In addition, Razor Network will act as a data funnel for the applications operating on Elrond. Furthermore, Elrond developers will also get benefits such as optimizing cost, speed, and data availability.

Balancer Launched Balancer V2 for DeFi Liquidity and Generalized AMMs

Balancer announced the launch of Balancer V2 for DeFi liquidity. Additionally, now the Asset Manager can lend tokens to a lending protocol to improve the pool’s yield. Furthermore, it will also include oracles that are immune to attacks using accumulators, which makes Balancer V2 secure and flexible.

Ethereum Exploded to New ATH and ETH2 Becomes the Third-Largest Staking Pool

At the time of press, Ethereum was trading close to $1,667, which is around a 9.4% gain in the past 24 hours. As per DeFi Pulse, the amount of ether locked in DeFi is close to 7.4 million ETH, which makes ETH2 the third-largest staking pool.

Due to an increase in decentralized exchange trading volume, DeFi tokens continue to perform well. Additionally, Altcoin Buzz also shared a list of tokens that reached a new all-time high, which includes tokens such as BMI, SUSHI, ETH, FTT, QNT, and many more.

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