Top 5 Crypto News: 02/09

After exploding to a new all-time high, Bitcoin is now trading at $46,525. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading at $1,812.

Let’s find out some exciting crypto news for today.

PAID Network | SpiderDAO Partnership To Uplift Existing DAO Frameworks

PAID Network tapped a partnership with SpiderDAO to strengthen future agreements via Paid Network’s SMART Agreements. Moreover, PAID Network will utilize SpiderDAO’s decentralized VPN service to secure its network. Additionally, it will also use SpiderDAO’s dual-governance model in designing its own ecosystem. Apart from this, this model balances voters and users of DAO-based governance systems by utilizing a dual-governance model that connects hardware & software tools with on-chain elements.

Hedera Launched Hedera Token Service (HTS) With Over 60 Initial Ecosystem Partners To Explore HTS

Hedera Hashgraph announced the launch of its Hedera Token Service (HTS) is now live on the Hedera mainnet. As per the official blog, the Hedera Token Service offers configuration and issuance of native fungible and non-fungible tokens in a swift, safe, and cost-effective way. Impressively, this initial ecosystem includes over 60 partners across diverse categories of token issuers, wallets, exchanges, network explorers, security auditors, and more. Additionally, HTS offers key features such as low transaction fees, network stability, flexible configurations, and much more.

Origin Protocol | Nexus Mutual Partnership To Provide DeFi Smart Contract Coverage For OUSD

Origin protocol partnered with Nexus Mutual to provide DeFi insurance for OUSD. As per the announcement, users can protect their losses through this coverage. Additionally, users will get the option to choose the time-frame of the coverage, which is between 30 and 365 days. Besides this, users can earn rewards by staking NXM on OUSD.

Ankr | Marlin Partnership To Fix Latency Issues In DeFi Trading and To Boost Decentralized Web

Ankr teamed up with Marlin Protocol to fix latency issues in DeFi trading. As per the tweet, Marlin users will be able to use blockchain nodes within minutes with Ankr’s 1-click deployment solutions. In addition, users will be able to send and receive more blocks which, in turn, results in low-latency transactions and benefits the DeFi traders.

Injective Protocol Integrated Huobi Eco Chain To Elevate Cross-chain Derivatives

Injective Protocol integrated with Huobi Eco Chain to accelerate cross-chain derivatives. According to the official announcement, users are now able to transfer funds between Heco and the Injective chain swiftly. Additionally, the team is also planning to add support for new assets, indices, ETFs, and other innovative derivatives.

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