Top 5 Crypto News: 02/16

After making an all-time high of $50,350, Bitcoin is now trading at $49,299. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,764.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Splyt – The Next Gen E-Commerce Supply Chain – Launches IDO on PAID Network’s Ignition Platform

Splyt, the e-commerce supply chain, launched its IDO on Ignition. Moreover, Ignition is a PAID Network product that operates as a decentralized swapping protocol by leveraging both PAID network and Polkadot technology. Splyt is the next generation e-commerce supply chain powered by Polkadot. Jointly, the team will create some of the hottest NFTs and introduce an NFT system that will replace SKUs and improve the supply chain. Additionally, Splyt also introduces the SHOPx token, which has a lot of features, such as marketing and bounties generation, fraud prevention, and payment escrows.

Plutus Secured Investment From Alphabit, a Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Investment Fund

Alphabit, a blockchain and distributed ledger investment fund, made an investment in Plutus. Moreover, Alphabit is a digital assets fund with $1 billion AUM and is specialized in providing a wide range of advisory-related services and invests in high-potential blockchain-focused projects. Plutus is a London-based fintech that combines modern banking with their crypto debit card. Together, the team will expand the Pluton card usage and also has plans to integrate Bitcoin into their DeFi cards.

Polkamarkets | Kylin Network Partnership To Enable Decentralized Oracles for Prediction Markets

Polkamarkets partnered with Kylin Network to enable decentralized oracles and data feed for Polkamarkets. The team is also planning to create a fully on-chain prediction market that balances scalability with decentralization. Moreover, with this partnership, Kylin Network will provide decentralized and verified data to their prediction markets. Additionally, the team also ensures to provide quality and reliable data for markets, disputes, and resolution on Polkamarkets.

The Ukrainian Delegation Signed a Memorandum for the Exchange of Intellectual Property Based on Fantom Blockchain

The Ukraine Ministry of Digital Transformation has signed a memorandum with
Intelmax Management Consulting. As per the press release, this consulting firm will help in designing a platform for the exchange of intellectual property based on the Fantom blockchain. Additionally, this blockchain technology is also to be employed in Ukrainian state processes and public services.

Dash NEXT | OIN Partnership To Launch a Dash-Backed Stablecoin To Enhance Crypto Payments Space

Dash NEXT partnered with OIN to launch a Dash-backed stablecoin. Moreover, this stablecoin will enhance the usability and flexibility in the peer-to-peer and crypto payments space. Together, the team’s focus is to provide users seamless crypto payments by providing them full control. Additionally, users can avoid volatility risks by switching over to a stable asset without leaving the cryptosystem.

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