Top 5 launchpads sep 2021

Have you ever heard of Orion Protocol, Ethernity Chain, Start Atlas, and AIOZ Network? These projects have multiplied their earnings by 292, 272, 195, and 184, respectively, since they were launched on different launchpads.

These initiatives have one thing in common: They were all started as IDOs in a launchpad platform. Some people identified them in their early stage, and others didn’t. Therefore, participating in an IDO of a serious project is, without a doubt, like winning the jackpot in the crypto world!

However, there is a problem. Because IDOs tend to focus on a smaller number of token sales, popular projects are frequently significantly oversold, and most of us do not receive any allocations.

Also, we figured out a method to get around it. That is, keep an eye out for new IDO launchpads and get in early. These IDO launchpads have a lower subscription rate and a better chance of obtaining the token allocation.

That’s why, with this article, we don’t want you to lose other huge opportunities to boost your earnings. Here you will discover the top 5 launchpads in the crypto ecosystem.

1. OccamFi

OccamFi is a DeFi leader in the Cardano ecosystem, representing a suite of DeFi tailored solutions for Cardano – The launchpad, the DEX, and the DAO.

OccamFi Launchpad

Source: OccamFi

Certainly, the project is financially backed by official Cardano entities Emurgo and cFund (IOHK). As a result, it has been developing much faster than other platforms in the Cardano ecosystem.

Therefore, the first DeFi product delivered by the OccamFi team was OccamRazer, the first-ever comprehensive launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem.

On OccamRazer, 7 IDOs have been conducted to date, with some of the IDOs on OccamRazer selling out quickly. See how THEOS IDO hit the $350,000 hard-cap in less than 2.5 hours.

Here are other IDO’s are coming up on OccamRazer next.

How to Participate in OccamFi

Firstly, to participate in an IDO conducted on OccamRazer, you need to stake the $OCC, the Occam.Fi token. It offers a tiered IDO participation set up which is a mix of lottery and guaranteed allocations.

Secondly, there are five different tiers in its structure to participate in the IDOs: The first three levels do not guarantee participation. However, the last two levels do.

  • Level I:  $OCC Stake requirement: 10000 $OCC. Max Allocation: USD 3000
  • Level II:  $OCC Stake requirement: $4000 $OCC. Max Allocation: USD 1400
  • Level III:  $OCC Stake requirement: $1000 $OCC. Max Allocation: USD 1125
  • Level IV:  $OCC Stake requirement: 500 $OCC. Max Allocation: USD 650
  • Level V: $OCC Stake requirement: 150. Max Allocation: USD 375

One thing you must not miss about OccamRazer IDOs is the CED rewards. These are project tokens you receive simply for having at least 150 $OCC staked through the OccamRazer staking smart contract.

Finally, getting a guaranteed allocation on OccamRazer is a costly affair. You need to stake $OCC worth $100000 or $40,000, but it definitely worth it. However, there are some exceptions where you can have a guaranteed location without investing. Take a look at this campaign.

2. Vent Finance

Vent Finance is an all-in-one community launchpad that makes it easy to invest in early Cardano-Polygon projects. 

Vent Finance

Source: Vent Finance

Vent Finance launched its IDO launchpad Ventup on Polygon in June 2021. Ventup plans to migrate to the Cardano blockchain upon the rollout of the Alonzo smart-contract mainnet. This might be happening soon, then.

On the other hand, on Sep 10th, 2021, VentUp completed its 1st IDO of $VENT token. Since its IDO, the $VENT token price has been up by almost 1,750%.

How to Participate in Vent Finance

Firstly, to participate in an IDO on VentUp, you need to create an account on VentUp first. Then, you will then be taken to the project screen of the Vent IDO. Once here, you will need to apply to the whitelist and pass a KYC verification process. Here is a quick guide to applying.

  1. To apply to whitelist for a project, you must first be on the project’s page that you are interested in investing in inside your Vent Finance account.
  2. Once you press the “Apply to Whitelist” button, a button will appear like the one in the above image. Here you will be able to choose how much you want to invest.
  3. Then, you will have to state why you are interested in investing in this project.
  4. You have to enter your wallet address.
  5. Apply to the whitelist. Here is more information about applying to the whitelist in Vent Finance.

Finally, on the IDO event, you will see that the “Invest button” is active. Therefore, you will have to buy $VENT using $MATIC to invest and participate in the IDO.

3. EnjinStarter

EnjinStarter is a launchpad focused on Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses. It is built on Enjin’s Jumpnet, which will allow transactions to happen cost-effectively at scale.

Enjinstarter Launchpad

Source: Enjinstarter

On September 10th, Enjin Starter closed its whitelisting. However, on September 17th, it will be doing its Pre IDO of its $EJS token, and the IDO will be conducted on September 30th,2021. According to the team, EnjinStarter will be hosting other projects with their IDO and exclusive NFT sales from October onwards.

4. Fantomstarter

FantomStarter is positioned to be a multi-chain investment platform using DeFi and NFTs. It is designed to invest or raise capital on any blockchain. For instance, Fantomstarter is compatible with bitcoin, HECO, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, Fantom, FUSION, Avalanche, and other EVM blockchains.

Fantomstarter launchpad

Source: Fantomstarter

How to Participate in Fantomstarter

The whitelist for FantomStarter’s native token $FS will go live on 15th September at 16:00 UTC.

To participate in the public sale, you must whitelist on Gleam Public Whitelisting competition. 30,000,000 $FS Tokens will be up for sale, priced at $0.0038. The token generation event is expected to be somewhere around early October 2021. Certainly, the team is yet to announce the Gleam link. If you are interested, we advise that you keep an eye on their official Twitter handle.

Also, for anyone who signs up with a correct Fantom address for the event, the team has promised a guaranteed distribution of $FS via airdrops. The team will be giving away 2 Million $FS tokens evenly shared with all the participants.

The hype around FantomStarter is very high because FantomStarter hit a significant milestone by releasing the first public Testnet dApp version. At present, almost 10K wallets own $FS test tokens and have tested the alpha version of FantomStarter.

According to the whitepaper, it will have a 7 tier allocation system. 3 out of 7 tiers are lottery-based allocation pools, and the rest of them are guaranteed allocation pools with staking requirements varying from 10,000 $FS to 2,250,000 $FS.

5. Anypad

Anypad is the first Decentralized Multi-Chain IDO LaunchPad & Multi-Chain AMM DEX. Its major goal is to incubate the greatest microcap businesses in the industry. Therefore, Anypad is one of the primary launchpads for Huobi Heco Chain and KuCoin Community chain. It will also support blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Polygon.

Anypad launchpad

Source: Anypad

How to Participate in Anypad

Currently, the launchpad is conducting the most important event. That is the $APAD Token Generation Event. $APAD will power the Anypad ecosystem and is set to be released to the public via an initial dex offering on ZeroSwap and TruePNL from September 13th —15th.

The $APAD token generation event will be a huge success because of the massive community following. Take a look at the video below.


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